WoW Shadowlands: Shaman – Legendarys Overview

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In World of Warcraft Shadowlands, the legendary items known mainly from the Legion expansion are reinvented. Instead of farming a legendary item and hoping for the luck of the drop, in the future you will earn materials with which you can create your desired legendaries yourself. In this special you will find out which legendary affixes shamans can choose from.

In World of Warcraft Shadowlands, when crafting legendaries, each class has four general legendary powers and four talent-specific legendary powers to choose from. In total, each specialization has access to eight legendary powers. Many of these legendary powers are inspired by previous set bonuses, artifact powers, and legendary legion effects. The production of the legendary items takes place at the rune cutter in the Torghast dungeon; the materials can be farmed or obtained from various trades. For example, blacksmiths make the basic items for legendary plate armor, leatherworkers make the appropriate leather armor and inscribers make various runes with which you can set secondary stats such as speed or critical hit chance. The last ingredient is a certain amount of soul ash, which you can get from chests in the Torghast dungeon.

Rules for legendary items in Shadowlands

The following rules currently apply to Shadowlands Legendaries:

  • Only one legendary item can be equipped at a time. The number is to be increased as the expansion continues.
  • All legendary affixes can appear in two specific item slots.
  • Two secondary stats can be set.
  • Legendary items can be transmogrified.

Creation of legendary items in Shadowlands

WoW Shadowlands: Making a legendary shaman ring at the rune mason in Torghast

WoW Shadowlands: Production of a legendary shaman's ring at the rune cutter in Torghast

Source: Buffed

To make a legendary you go to Runecutter in Torghast and click on it. An interface appears in which the following ingredients can be set:

  • The legendary basic item from the blacksmith, leather processor, jewel cutter, etc .; the basic item level is 175.
  • The legendary force; selectable from a drop-down menu.
  • Two secondary stats; Can be selected from a drop-down menu if there are corresponding runes from the inscriptionist in your inventory.

To activate the "Create" button, you must also have 100 soul ashes in your possession.

Legendary affixes for warlocks

As shaman you have access to legendary powers specially developed for your class. In this special we give you a brief overview of which legendary hunter powers are known so far. The following information is updated regularly.

General affixes

  • Memory of the ancestors – Bracers & Rings
    'Heroism', 'Blood Rush' or similar effects last for an additional 20.0 seconds and you get an additional 10% speed from each 'Heroism' "Blood Rush 'effect.
  • Deep Quake Stone – Belt & Feet
    'Earth Elemental' is permanently associated with 'Earthquake'.
  • Deeply rooted elements – head & shoulder
    The use of Riptide, Lava Eruption, and Stormstrike has a 5% chance to activate Ascendancy for 6.0 seconds.
  • Chains of desolation – Amulet & chest armor
    Casting Chain Heal will instantly make your next Chain Lightning cast. Casting Chain Lightning will make your next Chain Heal instant instant.

Affixes for reinforcer shamans

  • Winds of Fortune – Slot: previously unknown
    Setting up a Windfury Totem gives you a 100% chance to gain Demon Slave for 8 seconds. This can only be done once every 1 minute.
  • Legacy of the Frost Witch – Slot: previously unknown
    Consuming 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon resets the cooldown of Stormstrike, and your next Stormstrike does 100% more damage.
  • Primeval lava triggers – shoulder & rings
    Each time Flame Shock deals periodic damage, your next Lava Lash increases the damage by 10% and reduces the cooldown of Lava Lash by 0.5 seconds.
  • Witch Doctor's Wolf Bones – Bracer & hands
    Increases the chance to gain a stack of Maelstrom Weapon by 5%. Whenever you gain a stack of Maelstrom Weapon, the cooldown of Wild Spirits is reduced by 2.0 seconds.

Affixes for elemental shamans

  • Flaming Fall of the Skybreaker – Chest armor & rings
    Critical hits from "Flame Shock" reduce the cooldown time of "Storm Elemental" "Fire Elemental" by 1.0 sec. And Flame Shock has a 30% increased chance of critical hits.
  • Elemental balance – Leg armor & feet
    Direct fire damage increases the damage of your next Frost spell by 30%. Frost damage increases the damage of your next nature spell by 25%. Nature damage increases the damage of your next fire spell by 20%.
  • Echoes of the Great Smash – shoulders & hands
    If you use 6 or more stacks of Discharge with Earth Shock, your next Earthquake will be instantaneous, dealing 6% additional damage.
  • Lava return flow from the wind speaker – feet & cloak
    Consuming 6 or more stacks of Discharge with Earth Shock gives you Lava Suction and increases the damage of your next Lava Eruption by 6%.

Affixes for Restoration Shamans

  • Earthen harmony – Chest armor & back
    Earth Shield healing is increased by 300% when your target is below 50% health, and Healing Wave adds one stack of Earth Shield to your target, up to 9 stacks.
  • Jonat's focus on nature – Belt & leg armor
    Healing Wave and Healing Surge increase the healing from your next Chain Heal by 0% and stack up to 0 times.
  • Primeval tide core – head & hands
    All 4 Riptide spells also apply Riptide to another friendly target near your Riptide target.
  • Spirit Walker's Tidal Totem – Slot: previously unknown
    After using Mana Tide Totem, the cast time of Healing Wave and Chain Heal is reduced by 50%, and the mana cost of Chain Heal and Healing Wave is reduced by 100% for 10 seconds.

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