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In WoW: Shadowlands there will be, among other things, a level squish – along with this, the levels at which we learn to ride will be adapted and adapted. The developers of Blizzard Entertainment take this opportunity and remove a preliminary stage of the maximum riding speed – and thus save us players a lot of gold.

WoW: Shadowlands will bring a long-awaited level squish. However, this also means that the previous distribution of numerous skills has to be adapted – among other things, the riding skills are adjusted.

In World of Warcraft, players currently have five different riding skills to choose from: Inexperienced riding, Experienced riding, Experienced riding, Skillful riding, Masterful riding. These riding skills are – with the current level distribution – 20 levels apart. The last two stages increase the speed of your flight mount by 130 percent and (in the last stage) by 30 percent.

rank Speed ​​(in%) Gold cost Required level
Inexperienced riding 60 4th 20th
Experienced riding 100 50 40
Experienced riding 150 250 60
Skillful riding 280 5000 70
Masterful riding 310 5000 80

But what will it look like in WoW: Shadowlands thanks to the reduction in levels?

After the introduction of the level squish, players will be able to learn a new riding ability every 10 levels. Now that Skilled riding is removed, the final jump takes place from 150 percent to 310 percent. Thereby spare we did a lot at the end of the day gold and achieve lighter the maximum speed.

rank Speed ​​(in%) Gold cost Required level
Inexperienced riding 60 Free 10th
Experienced riding 100 50 20th
Experienced riding 150 250 30th
Masterful riding 310 5000 40

What happens to characters who only learned to fly 280 percent?

This is still uncertain at the current time. As soon as the beta servers enable a character transfer again, we will submit this information. We will keep you up to date!

What do you think of this change, dear buffed.de readers? Do you see this as meaningful? Or did you find the previous division good? Write to us in the comments!

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