WoW Shadowlands: The black market auction house is here

from Sara Petzold
The black market auction house is looking for a new location with WoW Shadowlands and is moving to the Shadowlands. We'll tell you where you can buy coveted black market goods in the future and what other innovations await you there.

Anyone who wants to buy certain rare goods in World of Warcraft will sooner or later not get past the black market auction house. Since Mists of Pandaria, players can buy various items here that are no longer available in WoW because the developers have taken them out of the game, for example the tier 3 armor set from Naxxramas or, with Shadowlands, the caravan brutosaurus (which disappears with Patch 9.0.1 also as a normal buyable mount from WoW).

Black market in Revendreth without Madame Goya

While the black market auction house in Battle for Azeroth opened its secret doors in Boralus and Dazar'alor, it is fittingly moving to the Shadowlands with Shadowlands. If you want to spend your gold there, you have to go to Revendreth, where the auction house will reside in the future. This time, however, Madame Goya and her companions no longer watch over the sales process.

Instead, the Ta cartel is in control of the Shadowlands black market auction house. There you will then receive Ta'xera, the matron of the market, as NPC of the black market auction house instead of Madame Goya. You can find the new black market auction house in the south of Revendreth on the cliff of the night market southwest of Dunkelhafen.

The black market auction house is in a shabby house on the very edge of the night market. You will find Ta'xera inside and can then bid on black market auctions as usual. We wish you the best of luck and successful bidding! By the way, if you want to stock up on black market goods before Shadowlands, you can continue to do so in Dazar'alor and Boralus until the expansion is released, despite the pre-patch.

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