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At midnight today, after a long wait and a postponement, the starting signal for the MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowland s was given. Thus, the players can plunge into the new adventures and, among other things, head for the new maximum level 60. One of them was in a particularly hurry and achieved this goal in an extremely short time.

It's about "Monkeylool", who got his monk to level 60 in just over three hours. He is active on the European server "Al'akir" with his guild "OTK", which actively supported him in his project. In order to be able to bring the character to the new maximum level as quickly as possible, he has repeatedly tackled the new dungeon "The Necrotic Swath" in a group of three, which is unlocked shortly after the introductory quest for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands .

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However, the group had to use a little trick to be able to pull through this dungeon method up to level 60. Normally it is no longer possible to register for this dungeon once a character has reached level 56. "Monkeylool" and his comrades therefore changed the composition of the group during their repeated dungeon runs and always had a character with them who had not yet reached level 56. A total of six different characters were involved in the project. A short video in which the players celebrated the success can be found below this message.

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