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After the special dungeon features for the night fae, at least one strong buff for Kyrians has now come to light in WoW Shadowlands.

As we learned from dungeon testers from the WoW Shadowlands Beta, you can unlock special, powerful bonuses in certain dungeons. But for that you have to belong to the right pact. In the dungeon The Mists of Scirna Tithe, fans of the night fae, for example, have the opportunity to collect value buffs, unlock checkpoints and even clear areas in order to create shortcuts for the group.

thanks Streamer Sloot new dungeon features have been discovered for Kyrians who are in the dungeon The Necrotic Lane. In this instance you can sometimes spawn 20 anima balls, which can be divided into the group or optionally given to a single player. If you decide to transfer all 20 bullets to a player, he will receive 80 percent more speed, movement speed, increased healing and reduced damage for a short time.

WoW Shadowlands: The Kyrian Dungeon Bonus (1)

WoW Shadowlands: The Kyrian Dungeon Bonus (1)


Kyrians can use their pact signature ability Summon Provost Activate decommissioned mechanical Goliaths in the dungeon, which then drop 20 anima balls. The balls remain on the ground for twelve seconds and grant the buff when you run over them Anima Exhaust, which provides four percent haste, movement speed, increased healing and reduced damage taken. These buffs only last 40 seconds, but at least the first Goliath is right next to a boss.

An orb can only be picked up by one player at a time. So you should be clear beforehand who you are giving the buffs to or who will benefit most from the buff. In the end, it will probably boil down to which damage dealer benefits most from Tempo.

Since three possible buffs or features could be unlocked in the Nachtfae dungeon The Mists of Scirna Tithe, that will not be the only bonus that Kyrians will have in The Necrotic Swath. The dungeon features via pacts are just being explored little by little in the beta.

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