WoW Shadowlands: The Mentoring Program – Requirements Announced

from Philipp Sattler
With the upcoming WoW expansion Shadowlands comes the new mentoring program, in which experienced players are helpful to the newcomers and help them with any questions that may arise. However, not everyone can become a mentor. The requirements have now been implemented in the latest beta build.

A few weeks ago it was announced that Blizzard was using WoW Shadowlands wants to revive the mentoring program. But this time completely overhauled and better thought out. What remained unclear for a long time, however, were the requirements that would be placed on future mentors. After all, Blizzard wants to encourage experienced players with a wealth of knowledge about Azeroth to help. And to prevent incorrect or misleading answers, interested players must be able to prove that they have enough experience in WoW. And what exactly prospective mentors have to show has been clear since the last beta build, as the NPC in question has received an update.

If you want to become a mentor, you at least have to

  • Level 50 be
  • 3000 quests completed

such as two of the following five successes to have

So you don't have to be an expert in all areas to be a mentor for newcomers. Nevertheless, the requirements do not seem particularly high. In addition, the point that was still present in the alpha was deleted that your account must be in "good standing" – so no penalties were received for violating the terms of use in the past. However, it may just be that this is not listed and is still necessary in the background.

Will you sign up as mentors to help newcomers find their way into the game?

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