WoW Shadowlands: The pre-patch 9.0.1 is here – game updates

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Blizzard Entertainment released pre-patch 9.0.1 for World of Warcraft earlier than expected. The maintenance work should actually last until the afternoon. So you can already try out some of the innovations such as the revised level system.

Blizzard Entertainment had actually planned to carry out today's maintenance work for the major pre-patch 9.0.1 of World of Warcraft by 3:00 p.m. The fans had therefore already prepared for a break until the afternoon. But the developers have apparently put a lot of effort into it, because the pre-patch has been available on the live servers since the morning.

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So it is now possible for you to try out all the new features and changes of the extensive update, which should prepare you for the release of the MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Among other things, you can test the revised level system to your heart's content. The new maximum level is 50, so all 120 characters will be adjusted accordingly. In addition, completely new characters can now throw themselves into the new starting area "Island of the Damned", where you not only get to know the basic game mechanics, but also a self-contained mini-adventure awaits you – including a trip to a small dungeon. There are also numerous changes to the class skills and expanded options for the character editor.

The event "The Flood of Death", which has also been announced, is still a bit long in coming and is currently not available. It is scheduled to start at a later date that is not yet known. The same also applies to the new release date of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

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Source: Blizzard Entertainment

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