A little more than a week ago, the starting signal for the big "World First Race" in the MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was given. Numerous guilds from all over the world competed to see who could complete the raid instance "Schloss Nathria" on the mythical and therefore highest level of difficulty first. The winner has now been determined.

In a final that was very exciting, the reigning champions of "Complexity Limit" prevailed. This US guild had already worked out a small lead before the weekly reset and was the first group in the world to face the final boss Sire Denathrius. However, the European guild "Echo" was hot on their heels, which a little later also reached Denathrius. In the evening hours of yesterday Wednesday (December 23, 2020) there was an exciting finish: Both guilds had already reached the last phase of the boss fight, but failed again and again. "Complexity Limit" had a small lead and ultimately insisted on giving the boss the fatal blow and thus winning the title of "World First Kill". Here is a video of the obligatory "nerd screams" when beating Sire Denathrius.

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The European competitor "Echo" was initially disillusioned, but a little later they congratulated the winners via Twitter. For them it is still about the title "EU First Kill", even if the very big motivation is probably gone for now.

Source: Twitch

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