WoW: Shadowlands: Torghast shouldn't rush

from Matthias Brückle
In the current Alpha build from Shadowlands, the endless dungeon Torghast has been provided with debuffs that cause a certain time pressure. This has caused criticism from the community. But the developers make it clear that this should not lead to hectic pace.

So far, players in the WoW Shadowlands Alpha have been able to explore the endless dungeon Torghast as they please, take breaks and then prepare for the next bouts in the best possible way. This is a refreshing change for many adventurers, especially compared to the disturbing visions of Battle for Azeroth. However, special debuffs have been added to the current Alpha build, which some Torghast visitors interpret as rushing. The so-called torments punish the long loitering in an area. Community Manager Kaivax said in an official forum post that Torghast shouldn't be a fast-paced, rushed experience.

How should Torghast play according to the developers of WoW?

"We certainly don't want to make Torghast a fast-paced, time-oriented game mode.", says Kaivax 's post at the beginning. Rather, the so-called torments should ensure that high-level groups with a perfect setup should not wait minutes for cooldown magic between all fights. "This is our problem: it is not fun to play, but it is the right way to win."

In a perfect world, torments should ensure that it is possible for groups to defeat all opponents in one level of Torghast, to be careful, to rely on CC effects and to pause for a few seconds between pulls. "If such a perfectly coordinated group has to skip large parts of a level because the torment debuffs get out of control, we have a problem."But he also emphasizes – the new debuffs require a lot of fine tuning. That's why Kaivax names three things that are not part of Torments' intended design:

  • Torghast shouldn't feel like a time-oriented feature like island expeditions, Mythic + dungeons or visions.
  • Torghast is not supposed to prevent breaks if you want one.
  • Torghast is not meant to prevent casuals from setting foot in the endless dungeon at all.

This is how alpha testers can improve Torghast with feedback

Kaivax asks all players with alpha access to test Torghast and then describe their impressions. Because the most valuable thing is real gaming experience, not discussions about time-based difficulty, which is not based on in-game experience at all. He gives testers specific questions for feedback:

  • Did you feel rushed when you didn't want to? Was this pressure created by playing difficulty or by the torment debuffs themselves?
  • Were you unable to complete a level because of torments even though you played at a normal pace?
  • Did you want to take a break during the run, but did you feel you couldn't do it?
  • Do you have the feeling that torments are OK, but should only appear at a higher level than current (12)?
  • Did a certain torment effect even feel too weak? Do you sometimes get the impression that you can still wait ten minutes between each pull without fear of torment debuffs?

The developers would also like to know how you find the torment effects compared to each other. Do some feel much more punishing or fun braking?

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