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In the currently running Alpha for the upcoming World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion, you can currently test all the signature and class capabilities of the four pacts in the endless dungeon Torghast – time to take a closer look at the whole thing. In this special we show you how a survival hunter with a necrolord pact fights in the tower of the damned.

At the heart of the gorge in World of Wacraft Shadowlands is Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. It is a cursed extra-worldly prison, in which the most shameful souls of the universe are locked up. The gameplay is reminiscent of the large Nephalem portals known from Diablo 3, where you use random fortifications to fight your way through several levels to the final boss, which then drops particularly valuable loot. As usual with MMOs, the gaming experience here is of course more complex and complex.

When you go hand in hand with the Nekrolords, an army of Lichs, warlords and spies in the Maldraxxus Zone, and later make a pact with them, they grant you some of their power and access to rewards and other helpful buffs. For hunters, on the one hand, this is the necrolord signature ability Meat shaping and on the other hand the class ability Death chakra. Flesh Forming creates a flesh and bone shield that prevents damage equal to part of your maximum health. If you stand next to the body of a defeated opponent while casting this ability, you will receive a larger shield. Death Chakram throws a deadly chakram at your current target, causing additional shadow damage within a short time. Every time the chakram deals damage to another target nearby, its damage increases and you generate additional focus. The flesh-and-bone shield goes particularly well with the hunter's specialty, the survival hunter, and the chakrams fit seamlessly into the skill rotation.

In the following, commented picture gallery, you accompany our nekrolord survival hunter on a solo Torghast run and learn about the most important features of this endless dungeon with addictive potential. We have the wing The Skoldus halls elected who is supervised by the guard of the same name and who tortures his victims with rats, dogs and other animals. We'll drive that out to him. Have fun!

WoW Shadowlands: The Taure Flaschatorghast grants us access to the dungeon in the Alpha. (Source: Buffed)

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