WoW Shadowlands: Torghast won't rush

of Matthias Brückle
The big new feature of WoW Shadowlands is Torghast, the Tower of the Damned. After a lot of BfA content chased players with timers, the developers made it very clear: There will be no such thing in Torghast.

Timers can cause thrills in games, but they can simply be annoying in too large a dose. For many players, this measure was also full in Battle for Azeroth, because there seemed to be mechanics on every corner that reward quick action. Mythic + dungeons? The higher key is only for the right speed. Island Expeditions? The opposing team is not sleeping, so please collect more azerite! And in the Disturbing Visions you are constantly losing mental health – so hurry up before you go crazy. If you look at these examples, it is not unbelievable that some players are concerned about Shadowlands – or rather the endless tower of the damned, Thorgast. The developers give the all-clear.

No hustle and bustle in this part of WoW Shadowlands: Torghast does without timer mechanisms like in the Vesting Visions.

No hustle and bustle in this part of WoW Shadowlands: Torghast does without timer mechanisms like in the Vesting Visions.

Source: Blizzard

Dataminer are wrong – no timer in Thorgast

While Dataminer came across a resource called "vitality", which is reminiscent of mental health from disturbing visions, it should not be active in the finished game. That has Community Manager Phaerix in the Blizzard forum clarified. "Please be aware that not everything that appears in data mining actually exists or is a final feature because Shadowlands is still under development.", he also emphasizes in this regard.

Beware of the Tarragrue in Thorgast

The only thing to fear in Thorgast is that described in the official preview Tarragrue. This murderous colossus sets out to find you as soon as you die too often – that's right, your death is not the end of the trip. Instead, this monster trudges at the beginning of one level to reach the other end. If he can do that, your run is over. If he catches you, it is also over. However, there should be ways to slow it down temporarily.

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