WoW Shadowlands: Upgrade Legendarys (short tip)

from Sara Petzold
When WoW Shadowlands comes out, we can use the runesmith in Torghast to create legendary items. These items can also be upgraded. We'll tell you in our short tip how exactly this upgrade works.

Less chance, more control – this is the motto of the new legendary items that we can produce in WoW Shadowlands with the help of the runesmith in Torghast. The developers give us various options to influence the nature of the Legendarys – and we are also allowed to upgrade them. We'll now explain how this works based on the beta findings from the authors of Vanion.

Create and upgrade legendary items in Shadowlands

In order to be able to produce a Legendary, you first need a base item. Blacksmiths, leather processors, tailors or jewelers can produce this. For example as a leather processor the Boneshatter Vest. Each of these basic items exists in four different ranks:

  • Base item rank 1: Item level 190, activation at the runesmith
  • Base item rank 2: Item level 210, activation by producing ten base items rank 1
  • Base item rank 3: Item level 225, activation by producing five base items rank 2
  • Base item rank 4: Item level 235, activation by producing five base items rank 3

In addition, depending on the rank of the legendary to be produced, you need different amounts of soul ashes, legendary effects and writings from the inscriptionist for the attributes of the legendary. You can read where you get all of this in our separate guide to legendary items.

Upgrade by base item and soul ash

Depending on the rank of the base item that you bring to the runesmith, the rank of Legendary is also different. But you don't have to re-create the same Legendary with a base item of a higher rank if you want to improve the Legendary item. Instead, you can also upgrade it by bringing it to the Runesmith along with a certain amount of soul ash and the base item of the corresponding rank:

Upgrade a legendary item from one rank to the next higher rank

  • legendary item at rank X
  • associated base item that has the next higher rank to the legendary item
  • 100 soul ash

Upgrade a legendary item from rank 1 to rank 4

  • legendary item at rank 1
  • corresponding base item at rank 4
  • 300 soul ash (same cost of each individual upgrade)

So if you upgrade a legendary item with the help of base items of the next higher rank, you only need to pay for the corresponding soul ashes and the production of the base item. You do not then have to buy fonts from the inscription specialist again. If you upgrade directly to rank 4, you also save the production of the base items at rank 2 and 3. Otherwise, the following applies: You can put on a maximum of one legendary item at a time.

What do you think of this system? Are you looking forward to crafting and upgrading legendary items in Shadowlands? Or do you want the RNG system from Legion back? Let us know and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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