WoW Shadowlands: Villains get new Venthyr Pact attack

from Karsten Scholz
With the freshly released build for the beta of WoW: Shadowlands, the Blizzard developers have replaced the Venthyr's pact ability for villains, slaughter, with a completely new attack: flagellation. We'll bring you up to date.

Our last Test the villain's pact skills in WoW: Shadowlands It wasn't that long ago and yet a lot has changed in the meantime (that's why it's called beta). With the version that has just been played on the server, the Venthyr ability Slaughter has now been completely removed.

in the official WoW forum Community Manager Kaivax presented the replacement: Flagellation (in German flagellation or whipping) is an instant attack that has a cooldown of 25 seconds as soon as the associated effect has disappeared from the target. The villain will whip the target three times with anima, inflicting shadow damage and inflicting a debuff that re-whips the target for 45 seconds for each additional combo point invested. Once the target has been whipped 25 times, your mastery will increase by ten percent for 25 seconds.

ATTENTION: The by Wowhead The tooltip read out of the attack offers different numerical values ​​than the post from Kaivax:

  • Flagellation: Lash the target with Anima 3 times, each dealing (68% of Attack power) Shadow damage, condemning them for 1 min. Each combo point you spend causes an additional lash. Once the target has been lashed 20 times, reactivating flagellation will increase your mastery by 15% for 1 min.

With a view to soul bond enhancement Deeper Daggersthat increases the amount of Shadow damage you deal by 30 percent for five seconds after eviscerating or jumping, the new Venthyr ability could be extremely exciting. As soon as we have been able to try flagellation, we will of course share our practical conclusion with you.

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