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The WoW Shadowlands Alpha starts, and sometime later there will also be a WoW Shadowlands beta so that the expansion release can take place in 2020. Of course, many of the WoW fans want to get a betakey. But there is no such thing at the moment. Our biennial warning about false beta keys and third party promises.

Now that World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is drawing to a close and may not have met all the expectations of WoW fans, Blizzard developers have released the WoW Shadowlands Alpha to the heroes. Around Easter 2020, selected and trustworthy players, influencers and members of the press have the opportunity to set foot on previously unknown territory for the first time as part of Shadowlands Alpha, because Blizzard's people have selected a small group of people at Alpha to participate. At some point, when exactly is not known, the Shadowlands Alpha will also become a Shadowlands Beta, for which you are familiar with the known Beta optin procedure can register. With a little luck, you may also roam the new countries before the release of WoW: Shadowlands. When it comes to testing PvP content and raids, developers also want to launch waves of invitations.

The reason why we explain it to you so clearly is as follows: A WoW starts again every two years (buy now for € 19.99)-Beta and there are some fans out there who would do anything for access. WoW makers have been working with account activation for years, which means that a player account for access to Alpha or Beta is flagged in the internal system and can then play the new stuff. Only at the end of a beta phase does it happen that Blizzard employees assign real beta keys, usually in cooperation with gaming websites such as ours or PC Games, WoWHead or Until then, there are actually no beta keys to WoW: Shadowlands, and that's why we want to warn you, as usual, of falling for purchase offers from ominous third-party providers who want to pull the money out of your pocket for something that doesn't exist in itself . Most of you have been around long enough to know this, but there may still be some people who are not yet familiar with the whole thing and who are at risk of being smeared by a fraudster.

So please do not buy beta access and do not give your account details to strangers!

WoW: Shadowlands – The epic Cinematic Trailer is here!

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