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Necrolord shamans, who are expanding the monstrosity factory of their pact sanctum in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, get to know Miru Soul Blossom among others. How you turn this companion into a ghost wolf, we'll tell you in this game tip with video.

About the monstrosity Miru soul blossom You must be a member of the Necrolord Pact and have started building the Abomination Factory. You will find Miru in the Aetherian Vault in Maldraxxus, where you will initially also quest with Emeni (entrance: / way 25 32). As soon as you have entered the vault, turn right and go to the second "niche" of the corridor. Pull the chain there (position: / way 59 36).

After the chain has been pulled, you will receive the message "A portcullis has been raised somewhere." If you now return to the central entrance chamber and go down the central passage in a north-westerly direction to the chamber on the left at the end of the hall (position: / way 33 32), you will find the soul of Miru Soul Blossom there with a quest. Take the quest A lost soul on, go back to the chamber in the northeast of the Ethereal Vault (position: / way 68 16) and kills Bacilia the lost. Then go back to Miru and turn in the quest.

Go back to the butcher block of your monstrosity factory and find Miru there (position: / way 55 68). Take the quest Surviving soul on, interact with Miru and submit the quest Flickmaster Rathan from. Then use the Monstrosity Patching Tch to create the "Miru" construct.

How you make Miru Soul Blossom a Spirit Wolf Companion

Miru Soul Blossom has the special ability Soul swap. Normally, when you are in your humanoid form as a shaman, you simply swap your models when using Soul Swap: Miru takes on your appearance, you that of Miru. The effect lasts for 3 minutes and can be reapplied as often as you like. But if you change to your ghost wolf travel form before the transformation, Miru becomes a ghost wolf and you also remain a ghost wolf. You can now travel together as wolves through the Shadowlands, and when you switch from the ghost wolf form to your normal form, Miru will fight as a ghost wolf by your side. Cool right?

You can watch the whole thing in the following video.

WoW: This is how necrolord shamans transform Miru into a ghost wolf

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