from Philipp Sattler
Patch 9.0.5 not only brings a lot of balancing adjustments for WoW Shadowlands, but also a number of quality-of-life improvements. There is such a thing, for example, in the Pact Sanctum of the Venthyr, where you now have to cover a much shorter distance if you want to return to the surface.

Anyone who belongs to the Venthyr in WoW Shadowlands knows the problem well. To get out of your own pact sanctum, you either have to walk the stairs all the way to the top (including the portal mirror) or use the bat on the lower level. If you are on the upper level, you either have to walk all the way to the top or one level down and then fly up. With Patch 9.0.5 this is no longer the case, because the developers have now installed a second bat, which is located on the same upper level.

At first glance, that doesn't sound particularly exciting and only saves a few seconds. Still, the initial reactions from most of the Venthyr players have been very positive. Because on the one hand you have to go up and down quite often, as there are some world quests and the Emberhof directly above the sanctum. On the other hand, most of the time you are on the same level that has no flight connection to the top. And it also ensures a little more equality among the pacts. For example, while the night fae have an exit in every direction and the Kyrians come from their floating fortress by gripping directly in all directions, the Venthyr always had to start the march upwards.

What do you think of the extra bat for the Venthyr? Are you happy that you now have a shorter path or was this adjustment superfluous in your eyes and something else could have been done with the developer time? And which other quality-of-life adjustments would you like to see?

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