The choice of the pact has a significant influence on the endgame of WoW: Shadowlands in the Shadowlands. It starts with optical and cosmetic goodies such as armor, companions and mounts, continues with the choice of the signature ability of a pact and the pact skills, and does not end with the various pact campaigns. While it is possible to change pacts during your adventure, the WoW developers don't necessarily recommend doing so, as this change amounts to betraying a group. This means that you have to ingratiate yourself with your new pact and prove yourself again before you can be a full member again. In the Beta of Shadowlands, however, the pact change and associated tasks are less extensive than was initially assumed – the fast heroes may need a week for this or, with the right timing, only a day. In the following guide we explain the most important steps for changing the pact.

The basics of changing pacts

The choice of a pact is made in the enclave of the neutral capital Oribos. There you will find the emissaries of the pacts: Lady Moonberry for the Night Fae, Polemarch Andrestes for the Kyrians, General Draven for the Venthyr and Secutor Mevix for the Necrolords. These NPCs give you the start quest for the respective pact campaign after your first pact choice. If you want to change the pact, speak to the representative of the pact you want to change to. After confirming the change of pact several times, you will then be given the start quest of the respective pact campaign.

So that no one is mistaken, you will be asked several times during the pact change whether you really want that.

So that no one is mistaken, you will be asked several times during the pact change whether you really want that.

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If you want to go back to a pact, you must first prove your worth.

You only change the pact when you have proven your worth – that is, you have met the requirements for "Prove your worth" and the quest "Regain trust" that follows the weekly reset and then turn in the quests. Since the change includes a weekly reset, the pact can only be changed once a week. If you change the pact, however, then you continue your progress within the campaign and the fame levels, so don't start again from scratch – at least that's how it is in the beta. However, these advances will not be assessed across the board.

Prove your worth and regain trust

The quest "Prove your worth" is done by completing rare and elite opponents in the right region, collecting treasures, completing world quests and dailies and defeating dungeon bosses. The right region for the night fae is of course the Ardenwald, for the Kyrian Bastion, for the necrolords Maldraxxus and for the Venthyr Revendreth. Once you have filled the bar for the task, you can hand in the quest and then have to wait until the weekly ID reset to get the follow-up quest "Regain trust" from the pact representative in Oribos. The task of this quest is no different from "Prove Your Worth". Once everything is done and you can "regain trust", only then will you change the pact.

Most effectively you fill the bars of the quests in the eyes of the WoWHead authors Incidentally, about dungeons: you get a progress of twelve percent per completed boss, regardless of the difficulty level of the dungeon you play. This means that the following instances are suitable for each pact:

  • Night Fae: The Mists of Tirna Scithe and The Andre Side
  • Kyrians: The necrotic swath and peaks of the climb
  • Necrolords: Plague fall and theater of pain
  • Venthyr: Halls of Atonement and The Bloody Depths

The conclusion that the people from WoW (buy now ) Pulling Head on the question of whether it is worth changing pacts for Minmaxers is not entirely clear. With the right time planning, you can of course gain an advantage in the heroic or M + progress based on boss mechanics and affixes with the skill of another pact. However, you would slowly fall behind in terms of soul bonds and fame – in the event that you keep your fame in the live version of the system when you change the pact. Then it would theoretically be possible to gain fame with two pacts. You have to decide for yourself whether the preservation of the signature ability and pact skill of a pact when changing, however, compensates for the loss of advantages through the soul bond system. If you want to play through the campaign of each pact, you would be better off putting four heroes in a different pact and leaving them there until the end of WoW: Shadowlands.

You can find more useful information about the pacts here:

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The release of WoW: Shadowlands is on October 27, 2020 at 00:01 a.m.

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