WoW: spring balloon festival! Micro Holiday Guide

From May 10th to 12th, World of Warcraft awaits you (buy now for € 35.99) the spring balloon festival, where some residents of Azeroth brought their balloon with them and sail through the air with you and other players. There are not only a lot of things to see, but also some adventures to experience. So you tell each other jokes at Hemet Nesingwary, hear Chen Stormbräu blaspheme over the crystal song forest, or just throw the greedy goblin Schnottz off the boat – he deserved it. Something is going on on almost every continent! We hope you are free from giddiness!

WoW: spring balloon festival – funny stories

A total of eight different balloon rides await you at the Spring Balloon Festival, one of them in Draenor, the other seven on Azeroth. In Draenor the journey starts in Nagrand, at Dorthigail, on the ring of the test. If you prefer to fly over the hot sand in Uldum, you can do that with balloon commander Schnottz.

WoW: The Spring Balloon Festival - Suramar (2)

WoW: The Spring Balloon Festival – Suramar (2)

Source: Buffed

In Northrend, on the other hand, flagship panda Chen Sturmbräu is waiting for you to tell you about his adventures. Only about the crystal song forest (where the flight starts) he doesn't have much good to say. Just why? You can also take a trip in Pandaria and talk about your secrets and your past during a flight over the Valley of the Four Winds.

Important for every flight: You only start when three players have found each other for a short round trip. The appropriate balloon pilot must be addressed next to his airship, after which you will find yourself in a queue. The trip with three players is important because the NPCs interact with you and also offer you space for your own words and stories. But even those who prefer to fly silently can experience a lot on their travels and, above all, hear funny stories! The sightseeing flights always start at the red cross on your world map.

WoW: Spring Balloon Festival – Aviation in Legion

Of course there is also plenty to discover on the Broken Isles. The flight starts in Azsuna near the Azurwingrastrast, which offers all sorts of comfort and above all a spontaneous end. In Suramar you will learn something about the local residents – with a lot of biting humor. Sturmheim is less exciting, but you play a game of "kissing, killing, getting married". Who do you think it will be? In the end, Hemet Nesingwary awaits you on the Hochberg, who gives a few jokes. Do you also have good jokes for you and your fellow travelers? We hope so!

WoW: The Spring Balloon Festival – Hochberg (1) (Source: buffed)

As always, you will not benefit from this event, neither riding nor pets – just like everyone else Mini holidays. The day is just there to have fun and – in this case – do a bit of sightseeing and entertainment with familiar characters.

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