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WoW would not be so charming and distinctive if everything always ran smoothly. Bugs sometimes make for the strangest experiences of individual players – and then let the fans hope that they will be able to experience this mistake one day. This time: a shadow discipline priest.

The WoW game world Azeroth is full of curiosities. Some of these are intended by the developers, but many others are bugs – a mixture of timing and mechanics that shouldn’t work under certain circumstances. WoW player Quakes19 encountered such a curious but entertaining bug, which he talks about on Reddit, because he was perhaps the world’s first shadow discipline priest.

What happened? According to his own words, this is what happened: He queued for 2v2 arena games with the shadow specialization, even though he still had the discipline talents activated. The talent change mechanism in PvP works in such a way that you actually automatically change the specialization when you enter the battlefield or the arena – and when you leave it goes back to the original spec. Quakes19 logged out after his games. The next time he came back online, he and his priest not only had the discipline talents, but also an activated shadow form! Nice, because that means that his discipline skill then benefits from ten percent more spell damage. At least until the hero bites the grass or logs out.

In the comments on the Reddit thread, WoW player DraikoGinger also reports a bug that surprised him in Mists of Pandaria. At that time the priest had activated the Holy Skill, but chose Discipline for the level boost. The result: The chakra of the sacred specialization was still activated at that time and has reduced the sacred damage of DraikoGinger by “no idea, 50 percent?” buffed. The bug stayed on his character until the first patch of Warlords of Draenor, but probably only so long because DraikoGinger hardly played the priest. What strange bug experiences have you had so far?

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