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Asmongold, perhaps the best-known streamer and Youtuber in the WoW cosmos, chatted about the sewing box during a recording a few days ago and revealed, among other things, that he had already been offered $ 200,000 if he played a certain game in the stream for a day gamble. He also revealed why streamers are so reluctant to talk about their deals.

We have reported on several occasions that successful streamers can make a lot of money with sponsorship, advertising, donations, distributions and subscriptions. The League of Legends pro "CaoMei" Han-Dong $ 800,000 a year have earned. Four years later, the revealed Twitch streamer DisguisedToast that he's at least $ 20,000 a month comes without sponsorship contracts and income via Youtube. The absolute top stars like Ninja or Shroud are now even supposed to earn several million US dollars a year – you can even get 13,000 US dollars for a private jet, so as not to miss the evening business administration raid.

However, it is still very rare for content producers to actually reveal how much money they are making from their job. Perhaps the most famous streamer and Youtuber in the WoW cosmos, Asmongold, revealed the reason for this in one of his videos a few days ago. From minute 31:00 the monologue revolves around Twitch, a particularly absurd offer and a lot more.

Here is the summary:

  • Asmongold has been offered more than $ 200,000 for playing a game on the stream for a day. He himself finds it absurd that someone would want to pay him so much money just to play this game: "This is just a waste of money." At the same time, however, he also admits that someone like him has to make such a deal as long as it is not a virtual game of chance.
  • He could easily make a lot more money himself if only he weren't so lazy.
  • The fact that streamers don't like talking about this topic is not because it is a taboo within the industry. The streamers fear that the enormous sums will cause them to stray too far from their target group, their viewers.
  • Furthermore, the streamers fear that by disclosing the sales and profits they have achieved, donations and subscriptions could go by the rags in the future, because viewers are less willing to give the money to someone who earns so much more than they do themselves.

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