WoW: Stromgarde Heroic – 430 item for the Horde

from Norbert Rätz
From now on, the Horde may sign up again for the instanced Stromgarde war front to chase away the alliance from Stromgarde. Whoever does this in the new heroic raid mode will be rewarded with a guaranteed level 430 item! Below all information.

In the current World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion, Horde players will be able to sign up for the war fronts table at Dazar'alor Warfront for a week. The quest for the normal version of the Warfront rewards you with a level 370, 15 item Service medals of the Eidgebundenen and Artifact Power and the heroic quest with a level 430 item Service medals of the Eidgebundenen as well as artifact power. In heroic mode, the warfront rewards are similar to the heroic raid "The Eternal Palace."

While you queuze for the normal Stromgarde warfront after accepting the quest as usual at the War Table, in Heroic Mode you'll have to expend more effort and create or search a raid with 10 to 20 players before logging in. The health of the opponents scales with the group size. Also, keep in mind that enemies on the heroic war front have significantly more health, more powerful handouts, and the opposing commander, who is always in combat and must be repulsed, is a crisp raid boss who requires the full effort of the group. The siege engines are also more expensive and now cost 160 iron. In addition to the rewards mentioned above, several player sequences will be waving. Have fun!

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