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Even if Shadowlands is still in its infancy and Classic is actually not an extension in the strict sense, we asked you which WoW version you think is best. Today we show you the results of the survey "The best WoW expansion in history", in which a good 7,000 people took part.

A week ago we asked you what your best expansion in WoW history is. We also included Classic and Shadowlands, which is still in its infancy. But even these two extensions did not change the clear result.

WoW: Survey evaluation - This is your best WoW extension (2)

WoW: Survey evaluation – This is your best WoW extension (2)

Source: Buffed

We already had an inkling, but we didn't expect that WotLK would be so clearly ahead. Like you on that Result of the survey can see, 3,423 of the total of 7,369 participants voted for WotLK – 46.45%. Multiple answers or abstentions were not possible. Almost half of the community felt most comfortable in the icy expanses of Nordend. The death knight, the mostly good raids and the rest of the expansion seem to have particularly impressed you.

The Burning Crusade is way behind, but still clearly ahead of many others. We personally expected that too. Since Classic TBC servers should only be a matter of time, many of you are looking forward to a rosy time. And then it would be WotLK's turn …

With the exception of Legion, all the other WoW extensions seem to have hardly been well received in the community, even if you can see the levels. MoP and Shadowlands are also popular with some, while Cataclysm, WoD and BfA are the clear losers – unsurprisingly, too. The previous expansion, Battle for Azeroth, comes off worst for you. Of 7,369 participants, only 69 voted for BfA. Especially at the beginning of the add-on, the developers made too many mistakes with the features.

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