The first fight of a raid is usually not a big hurdle, but the Tarragrue from Torghast as a reception committee probably triggers traumatic memories for some players. In this fight, you’ll use powerful animaboni to defeat the beast. You get this on the way to the boss by defeating four Goliath opponents.

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WoW: Tarragrue – Kurz-Guide

  • Tanks change to OVERWOOD
  • Players with the Eternal Beating Anime bonus block the CHAINS OF ETERNITY attack
  • Do not take the ponderous form animation bonus, because it creates chaos
  • Soaks up the REMAINS areas on Heroic and Mythic.
  • Avoid other players after HOWLING PREDATORS
  • During HUNGRY FOG, find the small spot with no damage area

Animaboni against boss mechanics

An animation bonus should be represented at least once in your raid, because it is worth gold against the boss skill CHAINS OF ETERNITY. This skill lets the Tarragrue target a single group member. Eight seconds later, the boss hurls chains at that target, stunning the first of your allies in the trajectory. Then the character hit is dragged to Tarragrue, who then uses DESTRUCTIVE BATTLES. This attack stuns the victim for 30 seconds and does a lot of damage. But you can avoid this potential one-hit kill by simply placing a raid member in the trajectory of the chains who has secured the Eternal Beating Heart animation bonus. It is immune to stun attacks, which makes CHAINS OF ETERNITY simply ricochet off. So simply mark players with this animation bonus in the raid so that targets from CHAINS OF ETERNITY can literally hide behind them. Of course, nobody is allowed to stand between the numb-immune character and the Tarragrue without this animation bonus.

The other anima bonuses are available in the most varied of variations: for example, hardly take any more damage from AoE attacks, receive increased primary values, do more damage from movement or hurl acid. However, as in Torghast, some bonuses also have dangerous disadvantages: clumsy form increases damage and health, but you automatically push player characters away from you when they get too close. This ability creates absolute chaos and should be avoided.

The boss relies on a manageable range of skills. The Tarragrue has an anger effect with ZORN DER ZEITEN, which hunters can take care of with a lulling shot or druids with soothing. Above all, your tanks should be ready for a quick change, because with OVERWOOD stuns a target for four seconds and gives it the dangerous effect CRUSHED ARMOR. Whoever is affected suffers 200 percent increased physical damage for 20 seconds – this hero should of course no longer be the active tank. A DoT spell from Tarragrues is important for healers: Whom he hits with TODESGRIFF, he is hit by high shadow damage every two seconds for 40 seconds. Without healing help, the goal of the DoT will quickly bite into the grass.

In the boss fight you have to keep moving: With the help of PREDATORS HOWLES, the boss applies an aura to all player characters for 21 seconds. If players come closer than five meters, they will be treated with UNSAVEABLE TERRORS. This effect makes her run around frightened for eight seconds. This will keep you on your toes with another skill: STARVING FOG fills almost the entire combat zone with harmful circular areas. Only at one small point do these not overlap, which gives the raid a place to stop without being hit by a powerful detonation.
When the boss reaches the last ten percent of his health, he removes all anima bonuses and does 500 percent more damage by the time he dies. So full commitment again, otherwise it will quickly wipe.

One of three surfaces appears on Heroic: REMAINS: UPPER LEVEL POWER increases the Tarragrues’ physical damage output, while REMAINS: MORT’REGARS ECHOS increases its magical damage dealt. REMAIN: SOUL FORGE HEAT regularly hits all raid members with Fire damage. If a player walks through such a field, he receives a similar effect for 1.5 minutes – he takes more physical or magic damage, or is regularly hit by fire damage. An area has to be “sucked up” five times so that the field disappears and no longer harms the raid. This can be done solo or shared among several players. Those affected can be freed from the long-lasting effect with a dispute. In Mythic, two surfaces appear at the same time – and their effects last until the Tarragrue is defeated.

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