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While many WoW players are wondering about the new drums for leather processors in Burning Crusade Classic, Community Manager Kaivax has spoken in the forum and confirmed: With Phase 4 and the release of Zul’Aman there will be the well-known drum meta – only in an even more strenuous form.

Oh, how happy we were when Brian Birmingham from Blizzard told us in the BlizzCon interviewthat one would like to adapt the drums of the leather processors to the Burning Cursade era. After all, 20 out of 25 people in each raid group shouldn’t feel compelled to learn leatherworking in order to keep the powerful tempo buff active around the clock.

The community then speculated: What could a solution look like? A raid-wide effect for the drums? An increase in duration and cooldown? A kind of satiety debuff like in combat frenzy and Co.? There are many useful ways to achieve the goal. But the developers surprised us in the freshly started beta of Burning Crusade Classic with a completely different option: a new drum variant that is more expensive to manufacture, while the normal drums only work in a small radius.

This approach raised questions, but many players were certain: This is definitely not the final version. There’s something else to come. Must be, after all, Blizzard clearly set the goal. And then, a few hours ago, Community Manager Kaivax published a post in the official forum of WoWwho makes it clear: Nope, nothing more. That should actually be the solution. Here are the most important statements from the Blizzard employee:

  • Many players don’t remember, but the drums in TBC went through changes back then. The first version of the drums could not be cast immediately and only had a small radius. Since leather processing wasn’t too attractive at the time, the drums were significantly improved with patch 2.3.
  • With TBC Classic, the developers want to use the patch 2.4.3 version as far as possible for items, magic and Co. from the launch. With the drums, however, they will make an exception. Since the designers do not believe in adapting items in the course of the phases in order to reproduce the patch cycle, they have considered another solution.
  • With the launch of TBC Classic, the normal (green) version of the drums will land in the game, which has a range of 8 meters. According to the current plan, the recipes for the “Big Drums” with a range of 40 meters will be added as a Zul’Aman drop in phase 4.

In other words: Blizzard doesn’t change the dreaded drum meta, but only postpones it to phases 4 and 5. Since the Big Drums are more expensive to produce and the recipes will certainly not have a 100 percent drop chance, the effort for all guilds who want to get the maximum out of their raid should increase noticeably.

We are not very enthusiastic about this solution. What do you all mean?

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