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In our interview with Blizzard during BlizzCon 2021, the developers promised to take another look at the instance limit introduced with WoW Classic in view of the launch of Burning Crusade Classic. After all, many players will want to spend a lot of time in the dungeons because of the important reputation factions and the large number of players in the open world. Now a beta tester has checked whether the old upper limit still applies.

On July 9th, 2020, the Blizzard developers ran a Upper limit for the number of dungeonsthat you can enter with one character per day. The statement at the time said:

The newer limit of 30 instances within a period of 24 hours is an extension of the limit to 5 instances per hour. This limit has been per realm since it was introduced in 2005. The intent behind these two limits is to limit the profits of new bots when they first appear in the game and have not yet been removed. We have come to the conclusion that a per-character limit is just as effective, but at the same time it is not such a big limit for honest players who have multiple characters on the same realm. “

With a view to the upcoming launch of WoW (buy now 14,99 € ): Burning Crusade Classic, however, this instance limit could lead to more frustration. The reasons:

  • Due to the likely large number of players in the open world, many Azeroth heroes will avoid the dungeons whenever possible to hunt for experience points.
  • Due to the important reputation factions and the countless quests for which you have to go into dungeons, there are other, good reasons to enter the instances again and again.
  • Many of the dungeons in Outland are fairly short and quick to complete.

In our Interview with Blizzard at BlizzCon 2021 The developers therefore promised to take another look at the instance limit for Burning Crusade Classic. In the current closed beta phase, a player has now taken the time to modify the classic addon NovaInstanceTracker so that it runs in the beta, and then to enter new dungeon IDs over and over again for ten hours . Here is his knowledge (via Reddit):

  • After 58 dungeon visits, he still has not encountered a daily dungeon limit. If Blizzard has not completely deactivated the upper limit for testing purposes for the beta, it is significantly higher than currently in WoW Classic.
  • The second limit of five dungeons per hour applies in the beta for the account if you want to enter the same dungeon with a second character. In other words: If you enter the Shattered Halls with a character five times within an hour, you have to wait until the hour is up for the sixth visit to the Shattered Halls – on all characters on your account. You can visit another instance with your second character.

Note: Both observations could be beta anomalies that will not appear on the live server. As soon as Blizzard officially comment on the topic, we will of course keep you informed.

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