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The Blizzard developers have finally taken the time to answer many important questions about WoW: Burning Crusade Classic. Also included: Epic Ingi glasses, ring enchantments, attunements, world buffs, NPC traders and much more.

Since BlizzCon, the developers of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic have not exactly presented themselves as communications world champions. While the player’s questionnaire was getting longer and longer thanks to the current closed beta phase, official answers or explanations were as rare as a Black Lotus in Azeroth. A few hours ago the official WoW forum now finally an extensive post that covers all sorts of important topics. We’ll bring you up to date.


  • The entry requirements for dungeons and raids are implemented as it was the case in the original TBC at the time. In other words: You have to complete all the long quest lines to be allowed to enter each instance, and for access to heroic dungeons you need the key, which is available from the respective faction if you have a respectful reputation.
  • As then, the entry requirements will be relaxed over time. For example, in a later phase it will no longer be necessary for every player in the raid to have a key. Likewise, you will only need a benevolent reputation for the keys to the heroic dungeons in later phases.
  • Attunements for raids that only come into play at a later stage should be addressed as early as possible. In other words: You will already be able to work on the attunement for the Black Temple from phase 2 with the opening of the fortress of storms.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Blizzard reiterates that the bosses will use the original health and damage values ​​in their implementation. In later phases there will be adjustments, including certain mechanics. The original state of a raid should be available at least for the entire phase in which the bosses were made available. There may be a few exceptions, depending on feedback from future PTR tests.
  • Any type of buff that you can get from creatures or quests in Outland will be removed from you as soon as you enter an instance. World Buffs from Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms are not affected, but they only work on characters up to level 63.
  • You cannot teleport players into the Netherstorm or instances via Sorcerer Summoning.

Patch status of items

  • The Badges of Justice will only drop from raid bosses in later stages. However, from Phase 1 onwards there will be daily quests for Badges of Justice. The latter came at a later date, but Blizzard believes that the daily quests are good for the gaming experience.
  • Urnether, Nethervortex as well as the loot of the world bosses Doomwalker and Doom Lord Kazzak will be bound at the beginning when picked up – as was the case back then. As then, there will be an adjustment in a later phase.
  • Urnether and Nethervortex we will only be able to buy Badges of Justice from the dealer at a later stage.
  • The faction vendors in Outland will only be selling the items they were selling at launch. Over time there will be updates for the offer – for example with new PvP equipment, recipes such as Design: Fleeting Skyfire Diamond or Mysterious arrow respectively Mysterious cartridge.
  • The special ring enchantments and jewels of the jewel cutters should be an important bonus for players who choose the respective profession. For them there will be certain skill requirements for the respective profession so that players can use these ring enchantments and strong jewels. In other words: There will be no permanent occupation learning and unlearning of the Min-Maxer faction.
  • Weapons that have been changed from “main hand” to “one-hand” during the course of TBC will be given their original status at the beginning of TBC Classic. Unlocking these weapons for both hands this early in the expansion would put too much of an impact on characters’ strengths. The change will therefore only take place at a later stage.
  • Epic glasses from the engineers will only be available with the Tier 5 content (in phase 2).
  • The NPCs Haris Pilton (sells 22-seat bag) and Zephyr (can port players to the Caverns of Time) will be available at launch as their services do not affect character strength. It looks similar with the daily quests for cooking or fishing.
  • Landro Longshot will not service the WoW codes (buy now 14,99 € ) Trading Card Games anbieten.

How does it look: Are you happy with all of Blizzard’s decisions or are you bothered by one point or the other? Let us know in the comments!

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