WoW: TBC Classic – No World Buffs, No Pro-Meta? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

WoW: TBC Classic – No World Buffs, No Pro-Meta? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Before the launch of WoW Classic you could read in the forums and comment areas again and again that players should play the new Vanilla edition exactly as they want. Fancy a retribution paladin or balance druid? Then just play one. There will be enough communities that will also provide a home for so-called meme specializations. The over-ambitious meta from the private servers will not prevail at all. Most of the people who play Classic want to enjoy Classic.

In retrospect, it may actually have worked that way for individuals. For the majority of the Classic community, however, things looked different last year. Former shadow priests or elemental shamans now play warriors in many cases. Despite the raid challenges being of little difficulty for a long time, most raid groups equipped themselves with world buffs and consumables evening after evening. Many players also leveled engineering skills for the raid area in order to tickle a little more DpS from their own hero with the explosive gadgets. And since the World First Kills in Classic were always off the table after a very short time, a speedrun meta developed.

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Yes, WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) Classic has impressively proven that many players today want to take advantage of almost every advantage that is available to them to achieve their intended goal. Looking at a New edition of The Burning Crusade, which could possibly be released in a few months, we have two good news for you. No. 1: World Buffs play a much smaller role in TBC. The buff effects available to level 70 players in Outland are nowhere near as numerous and powerful. No. 2: The class design was greatly improved with TBC at the time. There are again classes and ways of playing that are better than others, but you won't find any unplayable meme specs in the hybrid classes, which can take on multiple roles.

The meta in TBC Classic – that happens on private servers

But we also have bad news: Even without World Buffs and with a better class balance, there are many possibilities for so-called min-maxing in Outland, and the various private servers on which you can already experience The Burning Crusade show what to expect in TBC Classic (at least if Blizzard doesn't make any adjustments to the affected areas).

Meta 1: The optimal raid setup

Many boss fights in TBC are considered to be rather melee-unfriendly, and with the hunters and warlocks there are two ranged combat classes that do really well over the entire Outland era. In other words: Raids with countless warriors are a thing of the past. Instead, many guilds try to establish warlock and hunter groups and provide them with the most important buffs.

A warlock in World of Warcraft.

WoW: Warlocks are among the strongest damage specialists in the TBC era.

Source: Blizzard

Speaking of buffs: an optimal 25-player raid in TBC not only relies on the damage potential of individual play styles, but also on providing the most important strengthening and weakening effects. For this you need in the best case three paladins (ideally a protection, retribution and holy paladin each), five shamans (including an "Ele" and an amplifier), a "Feral", a balance druid, a shadow Priest, an affliction warlock who flanked the destroyers, and a survival hunter who aided the beast rulers. Add a protective warrior and other healers and the raid is done. The disadvantages will be classes and play styles that (especially in the first TBC tier levels) only cause okay damage, but hardly / no important buffs and debuffs with them (villains or fury warriors, for example).

Meta 2: Leather processing for drums

Engineering is not only an extremely effective profession in PvP, but also in the PvE area of ​​Classic, no question about it. Especially if you focus more on hand-to-hand combat and less likely to pack magicians and warlocks, who by nature have high AoE potential. However, the leatherworking profession in TBC will be even more effective, in every combat situation and across all classes and specializations.

The reason: The drums of battle, which noticeably increase the melee, ranged and magic speed of all group members for 30 seconds. If 20 out of 25 players have these drums in their pockets in a raid, you can maintain the associated effect for all groups throughout the fight. Of course, this has an enormously positive effect on the performance of the entire raid. So positive that some progress guilds on private servers require the main characters to work.

Meta 3: Rotating Shamans

We already mentioned it: Many raids of the TBC private servers build groups for the strongest DpS game styles in order to support them with the best group buffs. If you want to squeeze the maximum out of the hunters and warlocks, you go one step further and make the best possible use of the former version of rush / heroism. The powerful cooldown in TBC only affected the group, but did not provide the players with a limiting saturation debuff, as is the case today. In other words: You can rotate the shamans one after the other into your best DpS group so that they ignite their rage / heroism building on one another.

WoW: Most TBC raids will want to pack five shamans. A totem plate for each group.

WoW: Most TBC raids will want to pack five shamans. A totem plate for each group.

Source: Blizzard

Meta 4: For crazy people – the job change

In TBC Classic, all manufacturing professions have their own special, exclusive delicacies. You will lose access to most of these bonuses as soon as you change jobs. There are exceptions, however. Enchanters who improve their rings with the exclusive enchantments may continue to use them even if they hang up the enchanting rod. It looks similar when a jeweler produces the exclusive gemstones, sockets them in an item of armor and then strives for a career change.

The private servers show: There are people who want to get the maximum out of their hero and therefore level up Enchanting every time they have received the best-in-slot rings of the current tier level (only to switch to another profession switch). The same applies to the art of jewelery.

The meta in TBC Classic – that's what awaits us

It must be said that many TBC private servers are extremely difficult to balance. Significantly more difficult than the original TBC experience from 2007. At the same time, Classic has been proving for over a year that it doesn't need a high level of difficulty to arouse a certain demand for efficiency in the community. We are therefore sure that some of the above points will also play a major role in TBC Classic (again: if Blizzard does not make any adjustments in this regard).

Leather processing will be as widespread among raid enthusiasts as engineering is currently in Classic (i.e.: the more ambitious, the more widespread). The setup will certainly be almost optimal for ambitious progress and speed run guilds. Thanks to the significantly better class balance, less ambitious guilds should at the same time benefit from the increased flexibility and be colorfully mixed, with a greater variety of play styles than is currently the case in Classic.

In addition, we do not believe that too many players will go to the trouble for a few DpS points and learn and unlearn enchanting or jewelery cutting several times. This is probably only an option for players who don't know what to do with all that gold.

Thanks to the elimination of the World Buffs and the significantly more limited consumables, raid preparation for many players in TBC should even be more chilled than it was in Classic. However, if you want to get the most out of your hero, you can invest even more time and gold in this goal in TBC than in the new Vanilla edition.

What do you think: How widespread will min-maxing be in TBC Classic? Should Blizzard make adjustments in some areas? And how do you want to approach the raid content in the TBC new edition? Do you play extra leather processing, for example, or do you stick to your old professions? Let us know in the comments!

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