WoW: TBC Classic – these are the exclusive advantages of all professions

WoW: TBC Classic – these are the exclusive advantages of all professions

In our article WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade – prepare optimally now we recommended that you bring your dream jobs for the Outland Adventure to 300 now. Similar to WoW Classic, the manufacturing arts will be very useful in TBC Classic too. Even a little more useful, after all, the crafts also give you access to special advantages that other players who have not leveled the respective profession have to do without. So that you can make the right decision when choosing a career, we will tell you below which profession offers which advantages.

TBC Classic – The Benefits of Alchemy

Alchemy masters can of course still brew bottles, elixirs and potions for their own use or for sale in TBC Classic, and there is again the possibility of transmuting. Depending on which specialization you choose, you will carry out transmutations or the production of elixirs or potions more efficiently.

Alchemists also have access to the following exclusive items:

The alchemist stone can later be upgraded to the following items:

TBC Classic – The advantages of blacksmithing

As a blacksmith, you manufacture armor and weapons in TBC, weight stones for weapons, but also rods for enchanters. You have to decide whether you want to specialize in the manufacture of armor or weapons. For the area of ​​"weapons" there is also a further specialization in maces, axes and swords. Depending on the specialization you have learned, you can create exclusive items for your character.

Mace Specialization

Ax specialization

Sword specialization

Armor specialization

The items can be upgraded later. With the last patch, the following recipes will be added:

TBC Classic – The advantages of enchanting

Enchanters can enchant or disenchant their own weapons and armor and enchant other players' items. However, the latter is associated with a restriction. As an enchanter, you can only enchant your own rings, because the new ring enchantments are only available to the guild.

Attention: It is possible to level up Enchanting, enchant the two rings with the recipes listed above and benefit from these bonuses even if you forget to learn Enchanting again. You are just not allowed to take off the rings.

TBC Classic – The benefits of engineering

Similar to WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) Classic you also need a certain skill level of the profession for most engineering gadgets in TBC Classic. If you want to use jumper cables, repair bots, PvP gadgets and the two exclusive mounts, you need engineering skills. The most important exclusive advantage for engineers are the glasses, which are some of the best headgear you can wear in PvE and PvP.

The glasses can be upgraded later.

Gnome engineer from World of Warcraft.

WoW: TBC Classic – Engineering provides you with all kinds of useful gadgets, exclusive mounts and epic glasses.

Source: Blizzard

TBC Classic – The advantages of jewelery art

With the new TBC profession, you are not only making necklaces and rings, but above all jewels that players can carve into the socket of their equipment. However, only jewelers themselves have access to the best, uniquely wearable jewels.

Attention: It is entirely possible to play up the art of jewelery, to base equipment parts with the jewels listed above, then to unlearn the profession and still benefit from the gems.

Furthermore, jewelers can produce exclusive pieces of jewelry:

In the course of TBC, further recipes for epic items will be added:

TBC Classic – The advantages of leather processing

As a leather processor, you continue to produce armor sets and equipment parts for leather and heavy armor wearers. Only if you have learned leatherworking will you have access to some special pieces of equipment and the various drums that you can use to give your group useful buffs.

Drums of leather processing

World of Warcraft: Kil'Jaeden

WoW: TBC Classic – If you want to lay bosses like Kil'jaeden as quickly as possible, you pack numerous leather processors. The drums are just strong.

Source: Blizzard

Exclusive armor

Later there will be:

TBC Classic – The benefits of tailoring

Anyone who wants to try their hand at tailoring must make a momentous decision in TBC regarding their own specialization: Magical Tailoring, Shadowweave Tailoring or Original moon cloth tailoring. In fact, the specialization mainly determines how efficiently you can create magic cloth, shadow cloth and primal moon cloth. In addition, some recipes are only available for a certain specialization. However, the items can be sold to other players.

Shadowweave Tailoring

Moon cloth tailoring

Magical Tailoring

Can be produced by all tailoring experts

Later there will be:

How does it look: Do you already know which professions you want to master with TBC Classic? Let us know in the comments!

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