Since June 14th two new, old ones have been making World bosses Outland from WoW: Burning Crusade Classic unsure. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do it Doomlord Kazzak where you can find the villain and which loot you can take from him. If you are looking for a guide for TBC world boss number 2, you will find it here:

WoW: TBC Classic – Where can you find Doom Lord Kazzak?

Doomlord Kazzak is the stronger version of Lord Kazzak aus WoW Classic. It is located in the north of the Hellfire Peninsula, in the area “Kil’jaeden’s Throne”, which you can only reach via flight mount or port. Unfortunately, there are hardly any concrete details about its spawn times. If Kazzak was defeated, however, you have to wait a few days until he can reappear thanks to his flexible timer.

WoW: TBC Classic – The Abilities of Doom Lord Kazzak

The Hellfire Peninsula world boss has a varied arsenal of skills:

  • Leereblitz: Causes shadow damage to the player with the highest aggro (usually the tank).
  • columns: Hits all targets in front of Kazzak, which is why the melee fighters position themselves behind the boss.
  • Donnerknall: Inflicts nature damage and reduces the attack speed of all victims. Can be dispelled.
  • Twisted reflection: Whoever gets this debuff heals Kazzak as soon as the player takes damage. Magic effect, must be cleaned immediately.
  • Times from Kazzak: Meets random players. The mark consumes the player’s mana and eventually explodes, causing damage to nearby players. Whoever gets the mark from Kazzak runs out of the raid.
  • Catch the soul: As soon as a player dies near the boss, Kazzak is healed for 150,000 health points.
  • Shadow lightning volley: The volley hits all players within 60 meters. You cannot stand behind pillars to avoid the volleys. The raid damage must be healed away by the healers.
  • tantrum: After 54 seconds, Kazzak gets angry, causing more shadow damage and knocking out six (!) Bursts of shadow lightning in a row. After the sixth volley, the tantrum ends and another 54-second timer runs.

WoW: TBC Classic - Bring enough healers and damage experts to fight against Doom Lord Kazzak.

WoW: TBC Classic – Bring enough healers and damage experts to fight against Doom Lord Kazzak.

Source: Buffed

WoW: TBC Classic – The course of the fight

Your goal should be to get Kazzak on the boards within the first 54 seconds. As soon as the tank has secured the aggro, you ignite all damage-increasing cooldowns like Battle frenzy, Drumming or trinket effects. The boss is turned away from the raid so that no one other than the tank is caught from splitting.

Those who can remove magic effects take care of Twisted Reflections (Prio 1) and Thunderbolt (Prio 2). Since you cannot escape the volley of shadow lightning, some raid healing is required. Especially since every dead Kazzak heals a chunk of health. So pack enough healers. Here are a few more tips:

  • Mages can use Ice Block to remove the mark from Kazzak.
  • Tanks hold back their defensive cooldowns whenever possible in the event that the fight does enter the tantrum phase.
  • In that case, villains with cloaks of shadows and paladins with divine shields can avoid a few volleys of shadow lightning and continue to deal damage or heal quite undisturbed.
  • One way to survive the tantrum is to leave only the tank and enough paladin healers with god shields with the boss and to get all other players out of the 60-meter radius of the boss in time.

WoW: TBC Classic – The Loot of Doom Lord Kazzak

The following loot can be earned by defeating Doomlord Kazzak:

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