With the maintenance work on May 19, 2021, the pre-patch of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic lands on all currently available WoW Classic servers. But what is actually in the update? What innovations and adjustments can we look forward to? In this special we want to answer exactly these questions!

Division of the Classic world in two

Before you can log into the Classic server after implementing the pre-patch, a decision is waiting for you: Do you really want to experience the Burning Crusade content with your characters or do you prefer to switch to the new era servers? Or do you want to do both with one or more characters and pay 35 euros per character for it? We have already explained to you exactly how this election works in the following article:

The character boost at level 58 will also be available during the pre-patch, which you can access via the Pass to the Dark Portal (39.99 euros) or the new Deluxe Edition (69.99 euros) can buy.

The highlight innovations from the pre-patch

In the following we introduce you to the most important features of the pre-patch:

  • We get access to Blood Elves (Horde) and Draenei (Alliance) as well as the respective starting areas and capitals.
  • The Horde gains access to paladins via the new races, and the Alliance is allowed to lead shamans into battle for the first time.
  • We are allowed to bring the craft of jewelery to 300.
  • The talent trees of all classes will be revised and new talents will be added.
  • The honor system is being revised, the value of hardening introduced. It will also be possible to play skirmish games in the first arenas. Furthermore, you can now buy equipment and weapons of the honor system (also the rank 13 and 14 items) for honor and battlefield tokens. You no longer need a certain rank.
  • The experience required for leveling up between levels 20 and 60 will be reduced. Quests between levels 30 and 60 give more experience, as do dungeon quests between 1 and 60. Elite quests between 1 and 60 are simplified. Also, dungeon loot is being improved across the board, and there are a lot more quests to be found in Dustwallow Marsh.

WoW: TBC Classic - Already with the pre-patch we are allowed to bring blood elves and draenei to level 60.

WoW: TBC Classic – Already with the pre-patch we are allowed to bring blood elves and draenei to level 60.

Source: Blizzard

What else will change with the pre-patch?

The Burning Crusade Classic will use patch 2.4.3 as a foundation in many areas, and that will also affect the pre-patch.

  • The upper limit for debuffs that can affect opponents at the same time has been increased from 16 to 40.
  • Many consumables are divided into combat and guardian elixirs. You can only use one combat and guardian elixir at a time. If you throw in a vial, elixirs cannot even be used at all, as a vial is rated as a guardian and combat elixir.
  • Items no longer provide a percentage increase in critical hit chance, hit chance or chance of evasion. Instead, the so-called “Combat Rating System” is being introduced for all values.

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  • Weapon Skill is removed from the statistic. In return, gun knowledge comes as a new value. With Armory you reduce your opponent’s chance to avoid your blows or to parry them.
  • The companions of hunters and warlocks scale with the values ​​of their masters.
  • Heal over time effects are now stackable.
  • Items that previously only granted plus healing now also grant a small amount of plus spell damage.
  • Control effects work in PvP for a maximum of 12 seconds. The “slimming effect” of control effects will have a cooldown of 15 to 20 seconds.
  • There is a new upper damage limit for many area attacks. Blizzard, frost nova, volley, hurricane and fire rain are affected.
  • Skill ranks that were previously only available through books can be bought from the class teacher.
  • All priests have access to the fear protection wards.
  • Spell Haste reduces the global cooldown of spells to as little as one second.
  • Low-rank spells cast by high-level characters benefit less from plus healing and plus spell damage.
  • HoTs, DoTs, and channeled spells now benefit more from plus healing and plus spell damage.
  • Players can be summoned in front of the respective instance using meeting stones.
  • Quests from Silithus give more reputation with the Cenarion Circle.
  • The dungeon limit of 30 IDs per day is no longer available on the PTR.
  • Most of the elite opponents in the open world are no longer elite.
  • You can send gold to other characters immediately. Items still need an hour.
  • There is another bank place. The most expensive bank places cost 25 gold each.
  • Limited Invulnerability Potion is noticeably weakened.

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How does it look: Are you looking forward to the two-week pre-patch phase? What innovations are you particularly excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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