We previously reported that many players were using the Character boost at level 58, which should come with WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, sharply criticize. Still, the developers are sticking to the plan to offer this paid service for the upcoming Outland adventure.

But what exactly can we expect from the boost? What do we get for our money? Based on the experiences in the closed beta, we will tell you here what is known so far.

TBC Classic: New tutorial for the boost

In the last week the developers did new tutorial quests in the beta implemented, the entry into the World of Warcraft for all boosted characters (buy now 14,99 € ) should facilitate. In the course of the order chain you have to

  • open your survival kit and equip a weapon
  • learn a new skill from the class teacher
  • distribute a talent point
  • bring multiple packages to different NPCs
  • travel to the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands

In addition to the weapon, the survival kit also includes provisions in the form of water and food as well as class-specific materials that are required for some skills, such as light feathers or candles. There is also a slow 60 percent mount with the associated riding skill as well as 25 gold plus four 14-place bags.

TBC Classic: Bad equipment, no professions

At level 58 it is possible to go straight through the Dark Portal and tackle the quests in Outland. In the beta, however, this can quickly lead to frustration. The equipment of the boosted characters is lousy. You wear equipment that only gives you a few basic attributes such as agility / intelligence / strength and some stamina points. Anyone who has mastered several high-level quests and dungeons in WoW Classic should already have significantly better gear.

With the boosted level 58 character straight to the Hellfire Peninsula?  This is possible, but it can also be painful. & Nbsp;

With the boosted level 58 character straight to the Hellfire Peninsula? It is possible, but it can also be painful.

Source: Buffed

In fact, even experienced WoW players had to struggle with their boosted characters on Outland. An accidental pull and the spirit healer is waiting. There are few exceptions, for example the hunter, who has no problems with quests thanks to the strong companion. A group of boosted characters didn’t even get to the first boss in Hellfire Bulwark (TBC’s first dungeon).

Also note that the boosted characters do not have any professions at the maximum by default. First aid is on board, but only at skill level 1. And unlike in retail WoW, in TBC Classic you need almost completely learned professions in order to be able to learn the new Outland recipes.

After all: The level 58 characters already have a two-thirds level of experience point bar plus enough rest bonus for the next level-up. So you should be able to reach level 59 promptly.

TBC Classic: Known restrictions

Note that you cannot simply boost characters to level 58. The following framework conditions are known so far:

  • The boost will be chargeable, so far there are no details about the price.
  • You cannot boost blood elves or draenei to level 58.
  • You can only boost one character per account.
  • The boost is not possible on the WoW Classic era servers.

According to Blizzard Watch, it should be possible to boost existing characters to level 58. In this case, the characters should have the gold and professions level that they had before the boost. There is currently no such boost option for existing characters in the beta, and we could not find any official statements from Blizzard.

Also note in general that these are still beta experiences. Blizzard could still make adjustments to the characters’ starting equipment.

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