WoW: The demon hunter in Shadowlands

The demon hunters made their first appearance in World of Warcraft as a hero class in Legion. Regardless of whether tank or damage distributor – the leg swingers were among the most popular classes in Legion in both group and solo play. But while there were only a few class adjustments in Battle for Azeroth, Shadowlands is the first expansion in which the class designers rework both ways of playing. In the future, vengeful and devastation demon hunters will, for example, use the resource irascibility and magic Immolation Aurawho share iconic skills from Warcraft 3. The new class fantasy is to create more common ground between the two ways of playing in Shadowlands. With the current major alpha update, we take a first look at the new class design of the demon hunter and explain to you which major changes are coming to the Glevwingers. However, keep in mind that this preview is only a rough overall picture, because there are no hard values ​​and numbers in the Alpha at the moment!

Legion didn't have much in common between the vengeful and devastating way of playing. The metamorphosis, the soul feast, the Slide and the long jump with two charges are the few major overlaps that avengers and devastators have in common today. Rather, the class designers designed both ways of playing on the basis of Legion artifact weapons, which in Battle for Azeroth ultimately led to a major break between vengefulness and devastation. While the devastator got off to a flying start in Zuldazar and Kul Tiras, the loss of the artifact weapon and the new global cooldowns hit the vengeance tank hard. In Shadowlands, the developers bring the two demon hunter game styles together a little more. They start with the main resource. In the future, the resource irascibility will be the focus of both specializations. The vengeful resource pain is history. This adjustment fits the picture of the new demon hunter much better, after all, irritation and pain function technically very similar. So far, the separation of resources has been purely "cosmetic" in nature. In the practical test, everything is basically the same for vengeful demon hunters when it comes to playing. You build with your basic skills like Shear Sudden anger and uses up the resource for special attacks like Soul splitter again.

Immolation Aura as a basic skill for avengers and devastators is another common point that connects both ways of playing in Shadowlands. In Legion, this spell was only available for vengeful demon hunters, with Battle for Azeroth, devastation demon hunters could also be used

Firebrand Aura is the Devastator's new base skill, boosting the Fiery Fury regeneration and causing serious area damage. & Nbsp;

Immolation Aura is the Devastator's new base skill, boosting the irritation regeneration and causing serious area damage.

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Immolation Aura access via talent. This little tweak wasn't enough, after all, this AoE spell has been one of the iconic skills of the classic demon hunter since Warcraft 3. Devastators are especially allowed to Immolation Aura happy, because it expands your magic repertoire against several opponents by another attack and thus provides much more variety and fun in combat. On our first trip to Torghast Immolation Aura served particularly well as a gap filler. The AoE attack also boosts resource regeneration properly, which is a lot for you when fighting a target Chaos bursts bestowed. But let's take a closer look at the biggest adjustments to the demolisher.

Devastator in Shadowlands

By and large, the devastators in Shadowlands won't have to make major changes in battle. With small adjustments, the class designers give you much more flexibility than in Battle for Azeroth. The three major innovations are:

The devastators will have to pay more attention to their resources in the future. Playing with hot temper is made easier by the new passive ability Infinite hate facilitated. The spell increases your irascibility bar, which gives you a better overview and prevents you from wasting resources when playing fast. The advantages are obvious: thanks Infinite hate you can use it much more often Chaos shock and Blade dance attack one after the other than before. So that slips Demon bite further down in the priority list. When fighting multiple opponents, you can use the talent Burning hatred (at Shadowlands level 25) almost do without the standard attack. Cranked by the new talent Immolation Aura your hot temper regeneration continues. That also makes the talent Demon blades also uninteresting for the future. It would not surprise us if the developers revamped the talent in the near future or even replaced it with a more meaningful talent. Speaking of talent. The previous level 106 talent Dark prank could experience its renaissance in Shadowlands. Under a new name Essence break (in Shadowlands level 40) the revised version of Dark Prank temporarily increases the chaos damage from Chaos shock and Blade dance.

While much of the devastator remains essentially the same, the developers revise the key points of the vengeful gameplay and make the demon hunter tank a robust protector. These are the changes for Shadowlands:

  • Demonic devastation is your new basic ability (previously a talent)
  • New resource hot temper
  • Redistribution and adjustment of talent

The days when there is only one sensible talent choice for demon hunter tanks are over with Shadowlands. The class designers are revising some core skills such as Soul splitter, which makes the avenger more flexible in choosing talent than before. Several new talents are added and the demon hunter tank gets Demonic devastation as a basic skill. At this point, the developers draw a parallel to Eye beam of the devastator. Clear that there is also the tank version of Demonic must not be missing in the Avenger's talent tree! If you choose Demonic at level 45 in Shadowlands, solve Demonic devastation after the expiration time metamorphosis out.

One of the other highlights of the new talent is Bulk extraction. The talent grants you a kind of emergency cool-down, with which you can knock out fragments of soul from up to five opponents at the push of a button and heal yourself immediately. In the practical test, the magic works like that Death Knight's Death Pact. Perfect for particularly tough fights. It is also practical Ruinous Bulwark (same talent line). This talent enhances the healing of Demonic devastation and make you much more independent of external healing. The big advantage of Ruinous Bulwark is, however, that the heal will be converted into a shield that will make you feel like that Blood Knight Blood Shield protects against physical attacks.

And the pact skills?

Nothing precise can be said about the capabilities of the pacts in the alpha phase. There are no tangible damage figures that can be used to assess the impact of a Pact spell. We therefore restrict ourselves to their practical application. Elysian decree (Kyrian) offers you an additional AoE attack and is easy to use. Sinful brand (Venthyr) also cuts a fine figure against multiple targets. This ability could be of particular interest to fans of Mythic Plus dungeons. Lining for the flame (Maldraxxus) is a bit tricky to use. The pool of demon blood (which is about the size of Darkness) grants you a strong buff, but limits your freedom of movement for the duration of the term. In movement-intensive fights (keyword Mythical-plus affixes how Bloody or Quivering) you will have difficulty realizing the full potential of the pool. Last but not least granted The hunt the demon hunter currently has the least benefits because you don't have to worry about quick temper at the moment. The instant teleport (the jump also works through walls) is a nice bonus when leveling, but as a highly mobile melee you are not dependent on the free jump.

Bastion – Kyrians

Elysian decree: Carve a few runes into the ground in front of you, causing Arcane damage when detonated and removing minor soul fragments from your opponents.

Revendreth – Venthyr

Sinful brand: Marks an enemy with the Venthyr Mark, reducing its melee attack and spell speed, and dealing regular shadow damage. If you activate metamorphosis, all nearby enemies will be sinfully branded.

Maldraxxus – Necrolords

Lining for the flame: Fight a condemned demon from the Theater of Pain in a duel until death. If you destroy your opponent, their demon soul will be released and a pool of demon blood will be generated. While fighting in this pool, your attack speed is increased by 20 percent and your damage taken is reduced by 10 percent. Flesh Forming treats the condemned demon as a powerful enemy.

Ardenwald – Nachtfae

The hunt: Charges an enemy, inflicting Nature damage and immobilizing them. The target is marked for a period of time so that you can use attacks with Demon bite and Shear to get more anger towards the target. You can reactivate the hunt every 30 seconds to teleport behind the marked target and ignore the field of view.

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