WoW: The emptiness focus – on the way to high-quality items

of Paul Herzog
In the upcoming Patch 8.3 (Visions of N'Zoth) players will again enjoy their own smithy to produce the highest quality items. We show you which resources you need for this and where you can get them from.

In the upcoming WoW (buy now for € 14.99) Patch 8.3 (Visions of N'Zoth) gives you the opportunity to create new items via professions again. While we have already shown you the numerous new recipes, today we would like to present you the void focus.

What is the void focus?

Void focus is a type of smithy that can be upgraded over time. You need this to be able to produce the highest quality items in the upcoming Patch 8.3. This is comparable to the Abyssal focus from the last patch 8.2. How WoWHead recently showed, you also need an unlock quest line this time.

Void Focus Quest Series
Below we have summarized the individual steps of the quest series for you:

  • Go in search of that Recipe: Void focuss and learn it. You get this recipe from numerous opponents during an attack or during a disturbing vision.
  • Now you need 10x Empty focus Splitter – You also get this from the opponents from the zones mentioned above. As soon as you 10 splinter you can create the void focus.
  • As soon as you get the 10th splinter collected, you get the quest Something in your mind, You can redeem them at Wrathion and thus unlock the void focus. From now on you can produce equipment of the normal quality level.
  • Now you get a new follow-up quest: Maintaining focus, Once you have 20x madness scraps collected, you are able Manufacture heroic quality equipment,
  • For the last quest, Dream catcher, you now have to 200x madness scraps collect. Congratulations – you may now Create equipment of the mythical quality level,

Where do I get scraps of madness?

The madness scraps you can get from the following sources:

  • world Boss: 1x madness scraps (Probably only available from the second week)
  • Normal raid boss: 1x madness scraps (Only available from the second week)
  • Heroic raid boss: 10x madness scraps (only available from the second week)
  • Mythical raid boss: 20x madness scraps (only available from the third week)

WoWHead points out that you can basically get those madness scraps also gets in PvP, but the drop rates are not (yet) known. We'll keep you up to date.

  • arena: Around 50 percent chance after a win.
  • World PvP: Low chance after an honorable win.
  • battlefield: ???

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