WoW: The first Shadowlands Legendary for priests

While many classes in WoW Shadowlands have very situational Legendarys to choose from, which are usually only the best in special scenarios, as a priest you have given effects in all three specs, which are always the best. This is a blessing and a curse at the same time, because you absolutely want to get to these memories immediately, but unfortunately they are only available through the Raid Schloss Nathria.

Non-raiders have to be content with the WoW Shadowlands LFR or with the alternatives we have listed. In addition to your top legendary, we also give you an almost good alternative that you can get much easier for it. Whether you prefer to save your soul ashes for the best Legendary and possibly even its rank 2 upgrade, we leave it to you or your luck.

WoW: The First Shadowlands Legendary for Priests - Guide (4)

WoW: The First Shadowlands Legendary for Priests – Guide (4)

Source: Buffed

Which Legendary is the best at the beginning of the expansion depends on whether you want to get the most out of it for dungeons or raids. If you can't get the following memories, we recommend these Memory crystalline reflection (Margravine Stradama, epidemic fall). This effect lets Power Word: Shield generate some healing directly and reflects 20 percent of the absorbed damage on the enemy. This is especially good in PvP. As for all other Disci-Legendarys, select the values ​​Speed ​​and Critical Hit Value.

Clarity of thought has two effects depending on the talent chosen. Do you have Mind shell elected, extended Mind shell the running time of Apology by three seconds and reduces the mana cost of damaging spells by 30 percent. If you're not in the 50s Mind shell activated, Euphoria reduces the mana cost of Power word: shield during its runtime by 20 percent, and extends the apology effect applied by six seconds. Longer atonement buffs are exactly what the disciple wants. No matter what talent you play in the 50s series, Clarity of thought is the best legendary for the raid.

slot: Chest, ring
source: Raid: Schlickfaust, Castle Nathria

Twins of the sun priestess let yourselves work by Soul of power on an ally also full of Soul of power benefit. So two players get 25 percent more speed for 20 seconds. Always discuss the effect in advance with the selected player and it will take effect Soul of power best on the class that benefits most from speed. This legendary also has its right to exist in a raid, but is more suitable for players of Mythic Plus dungeons.

slot: Head, shoulders
source: Raid: Generals of the Stone Legion, Nathria Castle

The penitent: Power word: shine has a 60 percent chance of your next bet of atonement for free and let the spell fire three additional projectiles. This is a very good effect to start with if you haven't gotten to one of the other two effects yet.

The penitent increases your group healing in raids and dungeons or can optionally be used with enough mana before the fight to increase the damage. With the right procs, you sometimes even end up ahead of all the other healers and possibly even the damage dealers. Because the combo from The Repentant Proc and the Power of the dark side combined with atonement causes a lot of damage in a short time.

slot: Feet, back
source: Torghast: The Upper Levels, Level 3+

WoW: The First Shadowlands Legendary for Priests - Guide (3)

WoW: The First Shadowlands Legendary for Priests – Guide (3)

Source: Buffed

As a holy priest there is with Harmonic apparatus for raids and dungeons actually only a true legendary, as it makes your important blessings more often available. The reminder for this only drops when the final boss of Castle Nathria and should not be directly available to all players, even if they go raiding.

Harmonic apparatus: Circle of healing reduces the cooldown of Word of blessing: sanctification, Prayer of recovery reduces the cooldown of Word of blessing: Epiphany and Holy fire reduces the cooldown of Word of blessing: chastisement by four seconds. So if you always Circle of healing and Prayer of recovery used (you usually do in dungeons and raids anyway), the cooldown of your blessings is further reduced and you can heal even more effectively.

Since your style of play revolves around the blessing words anyway, that's perfect. Harmonious Apparatus is used in raids as well as in dungeons and, like the other holy legendarys, is provided with "crit" and mastery.

slot: Shoulder, ring
source: Raid: Count Denathrius, Nathria Castle

Twins of the sun priestess is also especially good for the Holy in mythical dungeons if you have the recipe for Harmonic apparatus haven't got it yet. As a holy priest you don't benefit as much from speed, which is why you use Soul of power don't have to time like the discipline priest.

slot: Head, shoulders
source: Raid: Generals of the Stone Legion, Nathria Castle

X'anshi, return of Archbishop Benedictus lets you resurrect with up to 100 percent life after death. How much HP you are resuscitated with depends on your healing done in the Spirit of Salvation from. This effect can only occur every ten minutes.

Use this legendary to either familiarize yourself with new boss fights or to trigger the effect on purpose if you run out of mana towards the end of the boss fight. In this way you can at least a few more seconds in Spirit of Salvation support your raid with healing spells without mana costs.

slot: Back, legs
source: World Boss: Valinor, Light of Aeons

WoW: The First Shadowlands Legendary for Priests - Guide (2)

WoW: The First Shadowlands Legendary for Priests – Guide (2)

Source: Buffed

As a shadow priest there is a legendary, which gives you the greatest advantage in both single target and AoE fights. That flexibility makes it the best Legendary in general. To get to this memory, you have to go to the raid. Your second best legendary item drops in Torghast and is therefore a bit easier to get to. Basically, you really want to get to the following Legendary and then of course use it in every conceivable situation.

Eternal invocation of the void spawns either a void tentacle or a void whip that attacks the enemy. The void tentacle becomes active from time to time when you Mind Flay acts and has a similar single target attack. The Void Lashers are summoned when you Mind explosion uses and causes area damage accordingly.

Eternal invocation to the void brings the right effect for both situations, which can also be controlled by your skills and causes a lot of additional damage. The effect triggers quite often, and with luck two or three tentacles can appear at the same time and provide a noticeable DpS boost.

slot: Wrist, hands
source: Raid: The Council of Blood, Castle Nathria

Talbadar's strategy: If your spell Shadow word: pain, Vampire touch and Devouring plague are active on the target Thoughts 60 percent more damage. In contrast to Eternal invocation of the void Use this effect only a little against individual opponents, but hit it hard. The prerequisite for the damage bonus is Devouring plague, since the other two effects should be on target anyway. You only have to adjust your playing style slightly and work as many strokes of thought as possible after you Devouring plague applied to the target.

Also, before applying the plague, your Thoughts not be on cooldown. You get the most damage out of this legendary effect when you have void form active and Dark thoughts procct (awarded Thoughts another charge and makes the spell instantaneous).

slot: Waist, legs
source: Torghast: The Upper Levels, Level 3+

Shadow flame prism: Thoughts and Shadow word: death cause your Shadow spirit to teleport from a rift behind your target and inflict Shadowflame damage to up to five nearby enemies. Every time a crack is triggered, the duration of the Shadow spirit increased by one second.

For dungeons and AoE battles, the effect isn't that bad, but it rarely triggers. If you can't get the other two effects at the beginning, you can at least knock Mueh'zala down in the dungeon The Andre Side until this recipe drops.

slot: Head, hands
source: Dungeon: Mueh'zala, The Other Side

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