WoW: The flood of death

At the November 11th it finally starts! The pre-event for WoW: Shadowlands starts with the Scourge invasion, the Sylvanas at the end of Battle for Azeroth unleashed. Free from the Lich King's yoke, the undead are now attacking the living across Azeroth. The event is on the Scourge invasion of Wrath of the Lich King ajar and extends over two weeks. With the Launch of WoW: Shadowlands on November 24th The Scourge Invasion ends and you can no longer earn the numerous achievements and rewards. So prepare yourself for a short but tough fight against the sinister henchmen of the jailer! We have summarized all information about the Scourge campaign and the other event content for you in this special.

Annotation: All players are allowed to participate in the pre-event, regardless of whether they have already purchased WoW: Shadowlands or not.

The pre-event of WoW: Shadowlands starts as soon as you are in World of Warcraft (buy now € 14.99 ) logged in with this cinematic video.

Attention spoilers!

WoW: Shadowlands: Dark Abduction – Pre-Patch-Cinematic (German)

The Tide of Death campaign in a nutshell

The first section starts on November 11th

  • Nathanos Blightcaller appears as a world boss in the Eastern Plaguelands (Weekly Quest)
  • Daily quests and event bosses await you in Icecrown
  • Daily quest Security for everyone in Stormwind and Orgrimmar
  • Vendors sell items for argent commendations

Second section begins on November 18th

  • With Further efforts unlocks more daily quests in Icecrown
  • Earn the feat Flood of death
  • Travel more comfortably: Portals to the Icecrown are available in the capital cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar

Right at the beginning of our adventure, we learn that a band of dark Val'kyr kidnapped Anduin, Jaina, Thrall and Baine and carried them off to the Shadowlands. The rescue mission still has to wait, however, we have to deal with the marauding Scourge first. The return of the Scourge calls for the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Argent Dawn. We're teaming up with both orders to stop the undead.

WoW: The Tide of Death - all important information about the Scourge event of Shadowlands (2)

WoW: The Tide of Death – all important information about the Scourge event of Shadowlands (2)

Source: Blizzard

The Horde and Alliance scouts report numerous attacks by the Scourge on various villages and settlements across Azeroth. In Twilight Forest and at the wayside cross we are confronted for the first time with the concentrated force of the Scourge. Ghouls and nasty Frost Wyrm units are up to mischief in these places and cause a lot of chaos! After the battle has been won, we get the quest that sends the heroes to Orgrimmar or Stormwind respectively. This is where the first act of the Scourge event takes place.

Then it goes on to Northrend. The Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade need our help in Icecrown. The Argent tournament is being attacked by the Scourge, there we will also have to give the Order a helping hand. In the fight against the undead, we finally learn that the cult of the damned has risen again. Our heroes are preparing to infiltrate the cult in Ald'ruthar and Mord'rethar.

But before we can spy on the enemy camp, we must help our allies build a new base in Icecrown. With this we unlock further daily quests and events in the area at the end of the quest series. The final phase of the long quest line is ultimately about eliminating the cult of the damned and its leaders. The battle against the corrupt Kyrian named Herald Dalore marks the culmination of the Scourge campaign. He is behind the Scourge attacks! However, his death did not end the invasion. The Argent Knights then give us further quests to stop the undead flood for good.

WoW: The story trailer for Shadowlands

The Scourge Invasion in Detail

Wrath of the Lich King veterans will surely remember the devastating Scourge event at the end of The Burning Crusade. Hungry ghoul hordes besieged cities across Azeroth, wreaking havoc and ruin even in remote towns in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. The plague, which turned both players and NPCs into mindless undead, took over the entire world of World of Warcrat for a few weeks.

A similar scenario awaits you in the pre-event of WoW: Shadowlands. All over Azeroth there are ghouls infecting all mortals with plague. If a living person falls victim to a ghoul or if an infected person does not seek out a healer of the Argent Dawn in time, then these unlucky fellows turn into ghouls themselves within a very short time, which can then infect other players with the zombie plague. Should you suffer the bad fate and turn yourself into a ghoul, you will get an extra action bar with new abilities (you can find more about this below).

Blizzard's developers have somewhat defused the scourge event compared to its Pentant from WotLK. The ghouls are significantly weaker than their pentants from the pre-event for Wrath of the Lich King. Ghouls now die instantly if they fall from a height of ten meters or more. Ghoul NPCs only stay alive for about a minute and do not attack players or other NPCs on their own initiative, and if you want to attack the Ghoul NPCs, you have to activate PvP.

How do you become a ghoul?

  • Contaminated grain crates are strewn all over the cities. Just click on it and you'll get the debuff.
  • The infested cockroaches that roam the cities can also infect you. They explode on death and infect all players around them with the debuff Infected!
  • If you let yourself be killed by a ghoul, you will turn yourself into an undead.
  • It is also contagious Zombie explosion! of a ghoul. If there is an explosion, there is a chance that you will also become infected. You then have about a minute to Infected! get rid of. Then you turn yourself into a ghoul.
  • The ghouls distribute stacks of when attacking pestilence. With ten stacks, the infection sets in and, if you don't see a healer, it will close in 30 minutes Infected!.
  • You can do the quest every day Security for everyone kill in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. You have to kill twelve ghouls. As a reward, you will receive five Argent Commendations, which you can then spend at the event dealer.

What skills do the ghouls have?

  • Mangle! – Inflicts physical damage to an enemy and increases physical damage taken by five percent for twelve seconds.
  • Slim down! – Spits bile on an area that inflicts Nature damage to enemies every two seconds and slows movement speed by 40 percent.
  • Calling wail – Waving up to four zombies within 35 meters of you. You must not be in combat.
  • Stagger! – Increases the movement speed of nearby zombies by 100 percent for ten seconds to help them catch their food better. Removes movement-restricting or loss of control effects.
  • Zombie explosion! – Crumbles to pieces, inflicting 23,312 Physical damage and infecting enemies within 15 yards.

Can I get rid of the disease?

  • Yes! Argent Dawn healers stand around in crowded locations in large cities (flight points are a good example). Just speak to them and they will Infected! and pestilence clean immediately.

What happens to low level heroes?

  • Blizzard is adding protection for newbies during the event. Whoever leaves the new starting area Island of the Exile receives the buff New recruit, which makes you immune to the infections of the zombies and any epidemic effects. The buff protects the heroes up to level 50.

Dailys and event bosses in ice crown

If you have successfully mastered the first part of the pre-event of Shadowlands, then you can continue your adventure in Icecrown. The Knights of the Black Blade and the Argent Crusade are offering you additional dailies at the Argent Tournament Grounds. There are five different daily quests in the first section. As soon as you Further efforts unlocked, there are three more daily quests. During the event, however, only four dailies are active in various combinations per day.

Dailys: First section:

Dailys: Second Section (Further efforts):

Event bosses in Icecrown

Elite opponents run around everywhere in Icecrown, one of them Darkened Scourge Stone and Pitch Black Scourge Stone can capture. Then exchange them for Argent Commendations at Argent Dawn merchants. In addition to the elite opponents, special event bosses also appear in Eiskrone. Blizzard announces these villains with a skull on the world map. The special opponents are villains that we already know from various dungeons and raids of WotLK. They allow loot with item level 100 as well as loads of argent commendations, Pitch black scourge stones and a few more gimmicks covered.

  • The Boss Bronjahm, for example, leaves the much sought-after 34-place bag Papa's as good as new bag fall as prey. But be careful! The bag's chance of dropping is not 100 percent. That means that with a bit of bad luck you have to knock Bronjahm several times to get the spacious bag. The hunt for elite opponents is definitely worth it! After all, you can get by any powerful villain Haunted keepsake, the counterpart to Damn memory loot from WotLK. So don't miss the chance to get this unique item!
  • The event bosses appear about every 20 minutes and Blizzard announces their arrival with a chat message. Then simply open your world map, the position of the respective boss opponent is marked with a skull.

Tip: Look for a fire place at the argent tournament site!

  • Every now and then the weather changes in ice crown. All players then get the debuff Chilling winds. The winds cause you to take frost damage every ten seconds. Just sit or stand by a fire at the Argent Tournament Grounds (they are marked with a yellow circle on the map). The fire then grants you the buff Remaining heat, which reduces your frost damage taken by 90 percent and increases your damage by a whopping 25 percent with five stacks.

New world boss: Nathanos Blightcaller

In addition to the Scourge campaign, you will be given the task of knocking down Nathanos Plaguecaller, the new world boss. The Banshee Queen's Champion can be found in the ruins of Marris' Settlement in the Eastern Plaguelands (his former home). He is hostile to both the heroes of the Alliance and the warriors of the Horde. The battle against the plague caller is not particularly exciting, but his death is spectacular! At this point we don't want to reveal too much to you. Suffice it to say: A big surprise awaits you in the cinematic, which is played at around ten percent of its life points. After defeating Nathanos, hers gets one Deathguard Equipment Chest and 5 argent commendations.

The ones mentioned often Argent Commendations serve as the new currency that you can spend in the next two weeks on various items such as toys, transmog sets or pets.

  • You will receive a total of 18 Argent Commendations for the quest campaign.
  • For the Daily Security for everyone There are 5 Argent Commendations in Stormwind or Orgrimmar.
  • For every completed Daily in Icecrown, you will receive 3 Argent Commendations.
  • Darkened scourge stones and Pitch black scourge stones can be exchanged for commendations at the Argent Tournament Grounds. The exchange rate is as follows: You can exchange 25 Darkened Scourge Stones for 1 Argent Commendation. For 25 pitch black scourge stones you get 3 argent commendations.
  • The Weekly Quest for Nathanos Blightcaller rewards you with 5 Argent Commendations.

The Argent Commendation Vendors

Quartermaster Lungren awaits you in Orgrimmar while Quartermaster Renick sells his goods in Stormwind. You will also find the dealers at the argent tournament site: Crusader Adevald Eisenbart and Crusader Aliocha Segard.

The dealers' offer

  • Purulent spook is the event pet that you get for 20 Argent Commendations.
  • Anti-apocalyptic broom for 15 Argent Commendations. The broom clears contaminated areas from ghouls during the scourge invasion!
  • Individual parts of the transmog sets (see below) each cost you 15 Argent Commendations. The equipment that you will get in the course of the pre-event is level 100 (at the level of the items from the normal difficulty mode of Ny'alotha, the Waking City). The entire set costs you 135 Argent Commendations.

Alliance: chain armor (Source: wowhead)

With the transmog sets you basically get the classic war front set from the Arathi highlands from Battle for Azeroth in a different color variant.

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