The latest WoW expansion Shadowlands is coming closer and closer, and more and more players are entering the alpha phase. We also went to the realm of the dead for you and put the hunter on the lift once to take a look at current changes and innovations. However, one thing is clear from the current status: there are no really blatant changes in the class with the new adventure.

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The hunter in Shadowlands

So the whole big revision is missing, the developers of Blizzard are obviously very satisfied with the Waidmann. And the players? Most of all, they wanted more class feeling, because Blizzard's "detoxification craze" fell victim to all sorts of popular things, mechanics were simplified (and made worse) and either relocated or deleted without replacement. However, World of Warcraft Classic has shown impressively: a few corners and edges are beautiful and contribute a lot to the understanding of the class, because otherwise you just end up being some replaceable, nasty damage handler for ranged combat.
With Shadowlands it is
Mark of the hunter back in its original form, all specializations are allowed to access it and use it at will. Then as now, the focus is on increasing damage and the function of completely preventing invisibility for enemies. There are also a number of other skills that will be added to the ranged repertoire. Ranged? Yes, the survival hunter is actually given further attacks for the distance, so that there are no break-ins in dangerous situations at the boss. But more on that later. Arcane shot is now available to all shooters, at least during Alpha. It is still unclear, if probable, whether it will stay that way in the end. Besides, it is finite Deadly shot back to the old place of work. As in his earlier version of old days, this is a finisher, similar to the execution of a warrior.

In terms of support and from the "nonsense" category, a few old friends are celebrating their comeback. So is Lulling shot for all hunters back, again removing an angry state and a magic effect. Misleading is still on board, but the effect is changed again – luckily, the aggro time of eight seconds now only starts again when you land the first hit. This is a huge relief in delayed boss battles. With Wild animal scared you can finally scare wild animals through the game world again, even if this is hardly possible in the current version. Speaking of useless: too Eyes of the wild animal is back. Here you take control of your pet for up to 60 seconds and see the world through its eyes. Quite unusable in practice, but a nice feature for a hunter's self-image.

Increase for the barn

What would an expansion be without new racks for the barn? Of course, the new game world again produces an incredible number of exciting models: boars, deer and all kinds of little birds shine in revised looks. The colorful moths, the majestic larions, the sublime ether wyrms and last but not least the new foxes are really chic. Here, Blizzard is based on the Vulpin – the Fuchsfamiliar shop mount, for example, belongs to this genus. Sublime and beautiful at the same time!

Beast Mastery Hunters in Shadowlands

The animal ruler doesn't bring any extreme changes to Shadowlands, especially when it comes to skills, it looks rather poor. Here and there the focus costs have been changed, Cobra Shot now requires a violent 45 focus, for example. However, this has an important impact on the following talents! Is also with Pack tactics Passive focus generation increased by 100 percent, which is why most changes are hardly significant.

The spitting cobra can now be reinforced with cobra shots during the wrath of the wild animal.

The spitting cobra can now be reinforced with cobra shots during the wrath of the wild animal.

Source: Buffed

At thes it looks at the talents: There were also some interventions in terms of focus costs, Alpha animal is now free, for example. Besides, is Spitting cobra now a level 35 talent with a completely new function. At the end of your cooldown Wrath of the wild animal you summon a cobra that attacks enemies. The damage to this snake is doing with everyone Cobra Shot which you increased during Wrath of the wild animal fires – one of the reasons why the shot has become more expensive. In the old place of Spitting cobra is moving now bloodshed, causing your pet to inflict a bleeding wound on the enemy for 18 seconds, causing more damage during that time. A nice idea, provided that the occasional difficulties finding your way are a thing of the past – and the enemy really lives that long. In general, however, it can be said that the small interventions at the Beastmaster complement the already round gameplay sensibly, even if a few real innovations would have been great – yes, I mean you, unfulfilled "ride on companion" dream!

Marksmanship hunters in Shadowlands

The biggest changes so far are probably the popular shooters, although Blizzard does not tear out any trees here either. Most of the fights are between talents: the control ability Binding shot now belongs in the marksmanship hunter's magic book, the effect does not change compared to Battle for Azeroth. Master of marksmanship at level 15 was completely overthrown and directly increases the critical strike chance of Aimed shot by 25 percent.

The hail of arrows in the form of a volley is back (again) on request - again as an activatable talent of level 50.

The hail of arrows in the form of a volley is back (again) on request – again as an activatable talent of level 50.

Source: Buffed

Since that Mark of the hunter Now available to all hunters without any hassle, this talent is now missing in the Marksman tree. At this point there is an old companion of the hunters, who was last seen at the animal ruler: Chimera shot. Effect and implementation remain unchanged, so two projectiles with natural and frost damage continue to fly through the air. Fans of Binding shot just can't get enough, get it in its former place now Binding shacklesthat further enhance the ability. In addition to stunning and slowing enemies affected, they also do 20 percent less damage for eight seconds. Here, however, the same applies as before: Binding shot is only helpful in selected situations, which, conversely, also for Binding shackles applies – especially since at the same talent level impromptu wait. Snipers are also very fresh as support for Deadly shotwho now has two charges and Aimed shot ready 50 percent faster for three seconds. volley celebrates a comeback, but in this case finally as a popular immediate attack and not as a permanent rain of arrows at the push of a button. The bottom line is the marksmanship hunter is even rounder.

Survival hunters in Shadowlands

The survival hunter in Shadowlands is even more equipped for ranged combat, even a fatal shot ends up in the quiver of the melee.

The survival hunter in Shadowlands is even more equipped for ranged combat, even a fatal shot ends up in the quiver of the melee.

Source: Buffed

Almost nothing is happening here. The melee fights with Deadly shot, Arcane shot and additionally Reliable shot a whole hand on new ranged attacks, but it looks rather poor in their own magic book and also in the talent tree. There are currently a maximum of adjustments to the damage values ​​that are increasing across the board in order to finally be competitive again and to bridge the damage breaks. Here too, focus costs were cheerfully tightened. With this specialization, Blizzards designers seem to be extremely satisfied for the classes.
Of course, this can change with upcoming updates. The US game developer is known for being happy to incorporate ideas quite late in the test phase. This point applies especially to the largely untouched survival hunter.

Pact skills of the hunters in Shadowlands

The upcoming expansion will also give you access to the capabilities of your pact. One of them is intended for direct combat and has an influence on your playing style. But since you have to decide on a pact, the influence is manageable. We want to introduce you to the different pact skills. But be careful: some of the declared side effects come partly from data mining and it is not unlikely that even major changes will come here. But for a rough first look it should be enough.

  • Bastion – Kyrians
    • Resonating arrow: Fires a resonating arrow to the target location and fills the area with reverberating anima. With this effect, your attacks on enemies in the target area ignore the field of view and your critical chance against them is increased.
  • Revendreth – Venthyr
    • Flint shot: Fires a shot at an enemy that deals regular shadow damage. Whenever Flint shot Damage, you have a chance to get Flayer's Mark, causing your next Deadly shot can be used on any target regardless of current health.
  • Maldraxxus – Necrolords
    • Death chakra: Throws a deadly chakram at your current target, causing additional shadow damage in a short period of time, each time the chakram deals damage to another target, its damage increases and you generate additional focus.
  • Ardenwald – Nachtfae
    • Wild spirit: Summons a Wild Spirit at the target that applies Wild Mark to all enemies in the target area for 15 seconds. Every attack you hit against an affected target deals additional Arcane damage.
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