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In Torghast, priests have several options for defeating a mob with one blow – even if they are bosses with several million health points. It is especially funny, however, when you oneshott a boss in close combat, uncharacteristically priestly. You can see what that looks like in the clip from caughtdeadlol.

Redditor caughtdeadlol In his short clip shows how a priest in WoW Shadowlands can blow Torghast bosses out of life with one blow, even in close combat. Thanks to the matching animaboni, he deals 15,786,874 damage against the final boss of level 6 of the winding corridors priest-atypical with a single melee hit – a slight overkill of 4 million life points …

Contrary to what may have been assumed, is not for this particularly high melee damage Yel'Shir's glove of power responsible, but the particularly rare bonus Wand of Freezing paired with (in this video) 3x Censer of rawness. Wand of Freezing is one of three possible animation bonuses that you receive from the rare mob Soulseeker receive. This special effect sets the target's life points directly to 50 percent, which of course does a lot of damage to a boss with 11 million life points. However, if the mob is not eliminated within five seconds, these 50 percent health points will be healed over the next ten seconds. So you usually only choose this bonus as a tank to immediately build up an unassailable threat, or if you can turn off the mobs in the five-second time window.

Censer of rawness causes creatures that are frightened, terrified, stunned, or dazed take 35 percent more damage. This effect scales (wrongly?) With the magic wand effect and (also wrongly?) The dozen of intelligence buffs that the priest has collected in this video (including 7x Terrible dictionary).

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