WoW: The Sworn – Reputation Guide for Revendreth faction

WoW: The Sworn – Reputation Guide for Revendreth faction

In the Revendreth Shadowlands Zone it's all about sin and repentance. So it is hardly surprising that both also play an important role for the Revendreth faction of the sworn in. If you want to make a contribution to the faction and unlock its rewards, you must first complete a special quest series and then collect fragments of sin stone in the Halls of Atonement dungeon. How this works and which rewards are waiting for you specifically with the sworn, we explain that to you in this guide.

The sworn – location and successes

You can find the sworn right near the Halls of Atonement to the east of Revendreth. The quartermaster archivist Janeera is there near the entrance at coordinates 73/52. So far there have been no specific successes for Ruf with the sworns. However, you can achieve success Revendreth is sinfully beautiful Unlock while killing certain inquisitors for the sworn in (more on this below). There is also the meta-success Sworn in the prosecutor with the title "Grufthüter" as a reward, if you also have the successes Crypt treads and Absolution for everyone concludes (also see below).

WoW: The sworn - the quartermaster of the reputation faction

WoW: The sworn – the quartermaster of the reputation faction

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The Sworn Reputation Rewards

Although you cannot unlock any armor parts from the sworn in, it is still worthwhile to farm reputation with this faction. You can not only collect a recipe, but also a transmog, several toys and pets and a mount:

WoW: The sworn - deep black cloak of the crypt keeper

WoW: The sworn in – deep black cloak of the crypt keeper

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WoW: The sworn in - Gargon of the Inquisition

WoW: The sworn in – Gargon of the Inquisition

Source: Buffed

By the way, two of these rewards, namely the transmog item Deep Black Cloak of the Crypt Keeper and the mount Gargon of the Inquisition, require that you Belongs to the Venthyr Pact. Otherwise the quartermaster will not sell you these items.

Another special feature of this faction is that you can only buy the offer from archivist Janeera in exchange for fragments of sin stone. We'll tell you how to get it below.

The sworn – access to the faction

Before you can even farm reputation with the sworn, you have to unlock the faction first. To do this, you meet two requirements:

Then you can start the actual quest series that unlocks the sworn as a faction. This quest line begins with the task Soul absolution from the NPC The accuser fall into sin. The entrance to the Crypt of Absolution, where the Prosecutor is, is to the northwest of the dungeon entrance (at coordinates 71/40). As soon as you complete the quest Halls of Atonement: Your Absolution have completed, you can in the Halls of Atonement and in Revendreth from opponents the Sin stone fragments collect, through which you can gain reputation with the sworn as well as buy their rewards. If you complete the entire quest series of the sworn, you will receive 2,000 reputation points at the end with the faction.

WoW: The Sworn - Reputation guide for the Revendreth faction

WoW: The Sworn – Reputation guide for the Revendreth faction

Source: Buffed

The sworn – this is how you earn your reputation

Because you can only increase your reputation with the sworn by the sin stone fragments and there are no faction-specific daily quests or world quests, you can farm reputation with this faction without a daily limit. The collection of the sin stone fragments takes a long time, so it will take a while before you have achieved a reverent reputation with the sworn in.

There are several ways to get sinstone fragments:

  • Kill enemies in the Halls of Atonement and in Revendreth (up to reputation level Friendly / Benevolent)
  • Redeem fleeting souls in Revendreth
  • Ring the bell of shame (Rufbuff)
  • Kill Grand Inquisitors

Sin stone fragments from opponents

You start your reputation grind with the sworn at the reputation level neutral and have the opportunity to receive a certain amount of reputation points and sin stone fragments from opponents in Revendreth up to the reputation level friendly. Normal opponents give you three reputation points and two to four sin stone fragments, while elite opponents give you five reputation points and four to seven sin stone fragments.

You can also collect Reputation and Sin Stone Fragments in the Halls of Atonement until you reach Reputation Level Benevolent. The trash mobs in the dungeon grant you five or ten reputation points, the bosses give you 15 reputation points and the final boss, the chief chamberlain, gives you 25 reputation points. You will receive around 100 Sin Stone Fragments per run.

When you are in the halls of atonement, you can also see the success "Crypt treaders"complete. You have to complete the quest"Atonement Crypt Key", which you get after completing the Revendreth main campaign as part of the Prosecutor's quest in the Halls of Atonement. Once you have completed the quest, you can loot atonement crypt keys from opponents in the Halls of Atonement. You need 50 keys to create a crypt The crypts are at the following coordinates:

  • / way 70.9, 55.7
  • / way 70.9, 54.9
  • / way 70.9, 54.0
  • / way 70.4, 53.8
  • / way 70.2, 54.6
  • / way 70.2, 55.2
  • / way 69.8, 55.2
  • / way 69.8, 54.6
  • / way 69.7, 53.8
  • / way 69.1, 53.3
  • / way 68.6, 53.3
  • / way 68.9, 54.2
  • / way 69.0, 55.4

If you have opened 50 crypts (i.e. collected 2,500 keys), you will receive the achievement Crypt Treads. By the way, the keys do not apply to the entire group, so each player who works on the success must collect their own 50 keys to open a crypt.

WoW: The sworn - the halls of atonement

WoW: The sworn – the halls of atonement

Source: Blizzard

Redeem fleeting souls

The Fleeting Souls appear as spirits all over the outside of the Halls of Atonement. You can click on them so that they are chained to you and unassailable. Take the chained soul to a sworn ritualist, who then redeems the soul. You will then receive 50 reputation points. In addition, four mobs appear that you can kill and each grant three more reputation points. The redeeming of fleeting souls works up to Exalted reputation. If you have redeemed 100 fleeting souls, you will get the success "Absolution for everyone".

Ring the bell of shame

The Bell of shame appears regularly in the outside areas of the halls of the atonement (at 72/49). You have to hit the bell at 30 Flooded ruby fix them before you can ring them. your gets the rubies among other things as booty from opponents in the Halls of Atonement (but also from treasure chests in Revendreth and via the Quest Parasol components). In order to collect the rubies, you must first complete the quest The final mire have completed (starts at Tessel die Petze in Dunkelhafen, coordinates 65/63).

If you ring the bell, all players who click on it get a 20-minute buff, for example Atonement for the dishonored, which will give you more reputation with the sworn. Which buff becomes active depends on the ghost standing next to Administrator Pancha in the halls of atonement (at 72/49). If no player fixes the bell, it will disappear after a while and then reappear later.

Kill Grand Inquisitors

If you have collected 100 or 250 sin stone fragments, you can give these fragments to Archivist Fane to get the sin stone of an Inquisitor (100 fragments) or a High Inquisitor (250 fragments). Take the respective stone of sin with you to the halls of atonement and kill the associated inquisitor in the outer area to get reputation points. A normal inquisitor gives you 50 reputation points, a high inquisitor gives you 100 reputation points.

If you kill inquisitors, there is a chance that you will receive a sin stone fragment from a Grand Inquisitor. Collect ten of these fragments and bring them to Archivist Fane for a Grand Inquisitor's Stone of Sin. If you kill this inquisitor, you will get 200 reputation points. If you manage to kill all of the Inquisitors in Revendreth, you will receive the achievement Revendreth is sinfully beautiful.

By the way: the reputation bonus that you can get from the carousel of the Darkmoon Fair also applies to the sworn in. Because the sworn do not have any world quests, you unfortunately do not benefit from the associated reputation event for world quests, which takes place regularly.

We wish you all the best with your farm and lots of luck with your booty with fragments of sin stone, flooded rubies and atonement keys!

Source: Wowhead

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