WoW: The third afterlife short film – Ardenwald

from Karsten Scholz
"In the Ardenwald the guardians take care of their groves and the nature spirits that are waiting for their rebirth. But a guardian who tries everything to protect his dying grove from the drought is faced with a terrible decision." The WoW creators have released the third part of the animated short film series for WoW: Shadowlands: Ardenwald.

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You always wanted to see all the Animated Shorts for World of Warcraft that have been released so far? Here you go! <strong>WoW Shadowlands:</strong> Vulpera shaman in Ardenwald "src ="×133/2020/09/wow-shadowlands-vulpera-shaman-in-ardenweald-01-buffed_b2teaser_169.jpg "/></span></span><span class=TOPPc

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