I was a bit confused when I read our compilation of the Hazzikostas interview with WoW fan Bellular these days. It mentions that the time in the shadow lands of WoW: Shadowlands passes at a different pace than in Azeroth, but we shouldn't take the topic quite as seriously. Really big leaps in time shouldn't be waiting for us after the shadow landing adventure. Above all, the quote "The perception of time in the shadow lands is like in a dream. You only sleep a few hours, but you experience a story in your dream that can span a lifetime" I remembered. It sounds a bit like there is hardly any time on Azeroth while we are frolicking in the shadow lands.

From a developer's perspective, this may be a logical decision. The creators of WoW (buy now for 14.54 €) already had problems in the past with conveying to the players that the events of an expansion are not necessarily reflected in the "old" world; that there is a different time in the content of an expansion than in Azeroth itself. However, the fact that the players must be given the opportunity to return to their capital on the old continents at any time always creates a kind of time paradox. In the course of some extensions, our warriors traveled to Stormwind in the past, only to return to the present when they returned to the "current" continent.

My question has always been: Does it have to be that we can return to Azeroth at any time if we are offered all the amenities on a new continent that we can also find in the capitals? Yes, it has to. How else should all the nostalgic people get used to the old dungeons and raids or accomplish successes for which they previously lacked the time? Nevertheless, I find this return immediately after arriving in a new world always strange: Most of the time it only takes an hour before we unlock a portal back home in a new, dangerous place. And if necessary, there are still teleports and resting stones. That will never stop …

I also think it's a shame if the developers miss the chance to bring us closer to old Warcraft stories thanks to a jump in time – a jump back in time would also be possible. I assume that a big leap into the future would have little fan appeal. Our beloved fantasy world could become too futuristic. That being said, the world would have to be rebuilt again, and that worked so well with Cataclysm … not. But how about jumping into the past, like ancestral war? We could experience up close how Krasus, Rhonin and Broxigar, thanks to a magical energy gap, were thrown into a time shortly after the defeat of the Burning Legion on Mount Hyjal, and see how Neltharion's death wing and the dragon soul are forged, how the drama between Malfurion and Illidan developed who vie for Tyrande's favor.

We wouldn't have to be silent observers, even if that were also an interesting concept, but could actively help these radiant heroes of Warcraft history. The question then arises as to what the Horde heroes will do, because it doesn't matter at this point. But it would be nice to give the Hordeers the opportunity to follow in Broxigar's footsteps. I would also like to experience the history of the First War, with all the trials and tribulations around Aegwynn, Medivh and Sargeras.

Or give me a chance to finally bond with my late King Varian Wrynn by introducing me to this whole story about the split dual Varian in game. The classic WoW and the old novels have teased me with so many interesting stories that I just want to experience. And why should such a journey through time – no, no alternative universe please – not be possible? I can imagine that many old WoW and Warcraft fans would take another look at the online role-playing game. In my opinion, the story turns out to be more and more abstruse in the future. The developers are welcome to look into the past and be inspired by it.

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