In the meantime, the start of the Mythic raid "Schloss Nathria" in WoW was a few weeks ago. But how has the ranking of the DPS classes developed in the meantime? Which is currently the best class to deal as much damage as possible in the WoW raid? We will give you the answer to that at this point.

As can be seen from the current statistics on the Warcraft Logs website, the balance druid continues to take first place. He can shine thanks to his magic, especially in boss fights, which you face several opponents at the same time. Hot on the druid's heels is the affliction warlock, who is also good at working on multiple enemies at the same time. In third place is now the Frost Magician, who, like the fourth-placed (shadow priest), was able to make up some ground. Far behind at the lower end of the ranking are two hunter specializations, with the animal domination variant in particular losing some ground.

<img src = "" alt = "& nbsp; World of Warcraft: The current DPS ranking in the Mythic Raid“/>

World of Warcraft: The current DPS ranking in the Mythic Raid


DPS ranking in WoW Mythic Raid

  1. Balance Druid
  2. Affliction Warlock
  3. Fire magician
  4. Shadow priest
  5. Windrunner Monk
  6. Marksmanship Hunter
  7. Unholy Death Knight
  8. Retribution Paladin
  9. Frost magician
  10. Destruction Warlocks
  11. Arcane Mage
  12. Lawlessness villain
  13. Ferocity druid
  14. Elemental shaman
  15. Frost death knight
  16. Fury warrior
  17. Demonology Warlock
  18. Havoc demon hunter
  19. Reinforcement shaman
  20. Weapons warrior
  21. Assassination villain
  22. Deception villain
  23. Survival hunter
  24. Beast Mastery Hunter

Source: Warcraft logs

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