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Anyone who has a socket on their equipment in front of Azeroth in the current PvP of WoW Battle is doing themselves a disservice. Because the gemstones don't make you stronger thanks to the scaling, but weaker. There is, however, a way to prevent this – even if it is quite costly and cumbersome.

In hardly any other area of ​​WoW do the developers struggle with scaling and balancing as difficult as in PvP. On the one hand, the players should of course be able to gain an advantage through better and better equipment. On the other hand, newcomers with poor armament should still see land and at least have a chance. The developers have therefore played around with ever more scaling and turned various screws. With some strange results. Naked players can one-shot their opponents or lose more and more power by improving their equipment. The latter is the case, for example, if you equip your equipment with base stones. These are recognized by the scaling system that is active in the background and included in the calculation. So that a fully socketed player doesn't have a massive advantage, you get a little item level deducted for each socket.

Unfortunately, however, this weakening from the scaling is greater than the gain from a gem. In short: the many base stones do not bring you anything. On the contrary, the pedestals make you even weaker. The streamer Rextroy had recently documented this in a video. But now he has also found the solution. However, this is not necessarily practical.
The system scales you as soon as you enter the arena. It takes a look at your equipment, evaluates it and adapts it according to the formulas running in the background (so it weakens you for each base stone). But if your sockets are empty, you won't get any weakening. The solution to the problem would be to always insert the base stones inside the arena. But that's not that easy because you can't just remove the stones after the match. This only works by storing it in the empty store. So between each match you would have to throw all the items into the empty store, take them out again, then wait for the next arena match and insert new pedestals there.

This is likely to be quite expensive in the long run, because you use up huge amounts of base stones and each storage in the empty store costs 10 gold per item. Is that worth it? Well Rextroy has found out for his protection paladin that with this workaround he causes about 7.5 percent more damage and takes 7.6 percent less damage (complete versatility socketed). Of course, you have to decide for yourself whether it is worth the effort.

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