Members of the Secret Finding Discord found out how you can get the hidden mount slime snake in the MMORPG World of Warcraft.

Get the slime snake as a new mount in WoW

It was only by chance that the hunter Durendil found out in WoW. If you also want to ride the slime snake, then you have to travel to the epidemic fall of the MMORPG. You can find the dungeon in Madraxxus. The dungeon is designed for five players, but to get to the mount you have to venture into it on your own. There you will meet several bosses. You can safely ignore the first two. The last two, however, you have to fight and that will not be easy. As a tank, you have a slightly better chance of eliminating the Domina Venom Blade and Margravine Stradama. Whether you do this in heroic or mythical mode is up to you.

Once you have defeated the two bosses, the secret Mount Slime Snake appears in the slime pool west of Domina Venom Blade. To “tame” it, you have to stroke it and you have a new mount. Note that it is not easy to get this mount. If you fail to defeat the bosses in Plague Fall, try to improve your hero and try again later.

It’s interesting how players like such secrets in the MMORPG World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) discover. Because there are basically no official instructions on how to unlock such secret mounts or other hidden content in WoW. A lot of patience is required and players try a lot. In return, however, they often reap the fame of the community.

Those: WoWHead via Buffed

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