from Philipp Sattler
After he recently knocked out the first boss in Ny'alotha in one fell swoop, now another had to believe in it. This time the tentacle boss Drest'agath was the victim, who was knocked out of his life by Rextroy. The shaman needed a crisp 40 hours and thousands of add-ons to help.

Rextroy is known for idiosyncratic actions in which he uses the mechanics of items, talents, spells or effects until he can do things that shouldn't be possible in WoW. In the past he defeated several raid bosses solo or used absurd scaling in PvP so that he could one-shot other players completely naked in the battlefield. But he is only interested in the action itself. He does not want to gain any advantage in the game. On the contrary, in fact. Whenever he finds loopholes in mechanics that allow him to do such things, he contacts the developers. He only publishes his videos when the developers have plugged said holes and it is no longer possible for anyone to gain a serious advantage in the game through his "instructions".

Oneshot Drest'agath

His youngest victim is the tentacle boss Drest'agath. The choice fell on him because he has the fewest life points. Although it actually heals the damage suffered, this does not help with a oneshot.
The basis of the kill is the ability this time Raging lightning. This increases the damage for each target hit Assault by five percent. There is no limit for damage amplification. Once calculated, Rextroy figured that he only needed about 8,000 add-ons to get enough damage boost. With a few more buffs like matching azerite traits, the number of add-ons could be reduced to 4,800. After a long search, Rextroy found these in a variety of dungeons at Corborus in the stone core. However, it takes a few hours for the boss to spawn enough adds. Unfortunately, the massive lag put a spanner in the works with so many opponents. Because using the skills, porting to Ny'alotha and attacking the boss was not possible with so much lag before the buff expired again. So the damage had to be increased. He did it with the help of the essence The unbridled power. This increased the critical damage from Assault massive, so Rextroy then needed fewer adds. Now only the procs had to come right and "step through" everything at the right time. Since each attempt took several hours, it took 40 hours before Drest'agath finally fell victim to the oneshot.

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