WoW: Three hours after Shadowlands launch, already level 60

from Matthias Brückle
While German WoW players in particular tended to count the sheep at the launch of WoW Shadowlands, an EU player was the first to reach level 60 worldwide. It only took him three hours to do this. How did that happen?

The new expansion of WoW is live and accordingly the WoW community can once again plunge into a new level phase, after all, the new old maximum level 60 must be reached! Although German players in particular will only get to play later because they needed something called sleep, an EU player has already secured a small entry in WoW history: Monkeylool was the very first player to be level 60 (after level squish)! He was accordingly fast.

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In three hours from level 50 to 60 in WoW

Just three hours after the launch of Shadowlands, Monkeylools had finished leveling with his monk lady. The WoW Armory confirms its performance. One of his guild colleagues – Rixers – used Twitch chat to clarify how Monkeylool secured the World First 60: As a team of three players, they fought their way through the dungeon Necrotic Lane within 5-6 minutes there of course still quests as an XP source.

Little trick for dungeon access

Actually, simply jumping into the dungeon via the dungeon browser is only possible up to level 56, but here the group of Monkeylool has exploited a trick. One person from the group simply had to be below level 56, which was used for a total of six players. One even waited at level 51 so that the dungeon queue was always possible!

Source: wowhead

Connection problems with other players

In addition to recognition, there is also frustration for Monkeylool on the part of other players: Due to connection problems, other adventurers never had a chance, so some think it is more lucky who exactly was the first player to reach level 60.

Did you see a lot of Shadowlands on launch night? Do you still really enjoy the level phase? Write us in the comments!

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