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Instead of staring at tables when upgrading Legendarys in WoW Shadowlands and doing your own calculations how much soul ash you need for the next level, you can simply go to Above you can see with two clicks how much soul ash you have to collect for your next Legendary upgrade.

The legendary system in WoW Shadowlands around writings, memories, soul ashes and the required armor blanks is probably the most confusing and worst-described feature in the game. Even the tables online, which explain what you need for what, raise more question marks for some than explain the entire system. At least for the soul ash you need, there is now a tool that lets you know exactly how much soul ash you need with just two clicks. Just go on and check it out

WoW: The soul ash calculator - that's how much you need for the Legendary upgrade (1)

WoW: The soul ash calculator – that's how much you need for the Legendary upgrade (1)


Just click on "CURRENT ILVL" which item level your current Legendary has. If you want to make a completely new one, click on "NONE". At "WANTED ILVL" click on the item level you want to get to. With "YOU NEED" you will be spat out how much soul ash you need to upgrade your Legendary.

If you already own a Legendary and are short of cash, it is always smarter not to upgrade your item from rank 1 to 2, then from 2 to 3, etc., but to create rank 4 directly. This saves you having to buy the blanks that are needed for upgrading. With a direct upgrade to rank 4, however, you only have to buy / manufacture one blank. To make a Legendary blank with item level 235 into a Legendary, you need 5,150 soul ash

When your on If you scroll down further, you can also see how much soul ash you get from the different levels of Torghast. Those who manage to complete level 8 in both parts will receive 1,140 soul ashes every week.

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