WoW: Traditional armor is great – but where are the weapons?

from Philipp Sattler
Traditional armor in WoW is very popular. After all, they fit very well with your own people and also look pretty chic. But why are there no weapons that match the sets? They would really round off the visual enjoyment.

After more than 15 years World of Warcraft our heroes have a gigantic selection of different armor available, from which we can put together a wide variety of transmogg sets. However, many players prefer to use ready-made compilations like the earlier animal sets. However, these are usually designed for a class or a specific topic and do not look equally good on all races. Especially the quite large and very small races such as Tauren, Gnome or Vulpera sometimes find it difficult to find suitable sets.

The traditional armor helps here. These are independent of the class and the optics of the respective people tailor-made (even if they naturally do not meet the taste of every player). In return, they are not particularly easy to get, since you first have to level up the people in question completely – without the use of level boosts.

Traditional weapons would complete the look of our heroes in WoW

However, there are still two slots that you have to fill with other items – because the traditional armor is known not to include weapons. The simplest explanation for their absence is, of course, that different classes all need different types of weapons. But can it really be so difficult to design a two-handed sword, a bow and a shield in addition to two one-handed swords?

WoW: traditional armor - but where are the traditional weapons?

Source: Wowhead

WoW: traditional armor - but where are the traditional weapons?

Source: Wowhead

When the introduction of the dark iron dwarfs was imminent, the Dataminer even dug weapons that visually definitely belong to traditional dark dwarf armor, but unfortunately never found their final way into the game. Or at least not in the hands of the players, but only in the hands of NPCs. We are obviously not the only ones who would like to have weapons that match the set, like some Check out the forums demonstrate. There are plenty of players there who would also like to have weapons that match the traditional armor.
There are many weapons that are based on certain races, but these do not necessarily match the traditional armor.

Wear your characters in WoW (buy now for 33.95 €) Traditional armor and would you also use the right weapons, or is the selection of normal weapons large enough for you?

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