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The pre-patch for WoW Shadowlands is a celebration for friends of transmogrification! Because not only will there be new optical options for the equipment of our heroes, but also some relaxed rules for transmog applications.

With the release of the pre-patch of WoW Shadowlands on October 13th, we will get various changes in the game. Not just level squish and events, but tons of transmogrification updates too. You may know some changes from other news or data mining articles, but with the approaching release of the pre-patch it is worthwhile to have a concrete overview of the changes. (via wowhead)

Artifacts are much more flexible than transmog in WoW Shadowlands

From October 13th, artifacts from WoW: Legion count like normal weapons in terms of transmogrification options. In this way you will be able to carry class-wide spec-specific artifacts, even use double weapons like Doomhammer or carry two different versions in main and off hand. The old transmog system is active for the artifact of your current spec, so you are still allowed to convert a sword into an artifact staff as a magician, for example.

Druid artifact forms no longer weapon transmogrification

While we were only able to use the artifact versions for the bear and cat form of the druid in BfA via the specific weapon transmogrification, fortunately this has changed in Shadowlands. From the pre-patch, unique looks for bears and cats are part of the hairdressing options. Accordingly, all druids on your account get this look unlocked, which also applies to mage tower looks. We can even apply artifact skin to cat and bear shapes at the same time!

Make one-handed weapons out of wands!

If you are a sorcerer or magician, you have no desire for the scruffy wands, you can look forward to it: You can change their appearance to daggers or swords. Priests have the option to optically turn their wand into a mace or a dagger.

More freedom with two-handed weapons and double weapons

The developers have also provided more transmog options for carrying two weapons at the same time: Fury warriors, for example, can carry two one-handed weapons at the same time thanks to Single-Minded Fury. Brewmaster monks are allowed to do the same, while Windrunner monks can use two-handed weapons. Frost death knights also have access to two-handed weapons.

In the Overview from wowhead you can also check out the new, simple weapon skins from the new tutorial "Exile" and try out the Reskin of the warfront armor from the event of the pre-patch!

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