WoW: Twitch streamer DesMephisto breaks world record

from Sara Petzold
The Twitch streamer and WoW fan DesMephisto has broken the world record for the longest streaming marathon with World of Warcraft. DesMephisto played more than 35 hours in a row and at the same time collected donations for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN).

DesMephisto – known as a speed leveling expert and WoW streamer – broke the previous streaming record for World of Warcraft and thus secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. While the previous record for a continuous live stream from World of Warcraft was 32 hours and 36 minutes, dating from November 2017, DesMephisto increased it to more than 35 hours live on Twitch transmitted.

In order for DesMephisto's record to be scored, he had to be loud Wowhead meet strict criteria:

  • The attempt to record must be broadcast live or recorded to document the exact duration.
  • The contender for the record may take a break of ten minutes per hour, but can also save this and then use it collectively (i.e. 20 minutes after two hours, 30 minutes after three hours without a break, etc.).

By the way: records for continuous streams are sorted by games. While the previous record for WoW (buy now for € 32.95) was around 32.5 hours, a streamer with any games brought it to 138 hours. You can watch a record of DesMephisto's record on Twitch again:

Although DesMephisto managed to break the world record, it wasn't his primary goal. Instead, the streamer wanted to raise awareness of autism with his attempt to set a record as well as with his other livestreams and collect donations for the Autistic Self Advocacy Network and its Integrate Autism Employment Advisors foundation. DesMephisto had raised $ 4,475 in donations by the end of the stream.

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