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The dinosaurs are currently running amok in Un'goro crater. If you help the residents to calm the dinosaurs again during the mini-event "Un'gorowahnsinn", you will receive temporary evolution strengthening effects.

Already yesterday, on March 17th, "Un'gorowahnsinn" is the next mini-event in the World of Warcraft (buy now for € 26.99) started. To take part in the world event, go to Kalimdor and travel to the Un'goro Crater. The dinosaurs run amok there until March 19 and you can help the residents to calm them down. As a reward, there are temporary evolution strengthening effects … one after the other. A total of three of the following opponents are in the zone:

Attention! The opponents are elite, scale with your level and distribute thick bells. In addition, the bosses we fought have summoned numerous add-ons that you also have to deal with. So pack enough players, tanks and healers before you blow to attack.

Stack the buffs of the Mojo, if you want to be awesome you need a total of 20 stacks.

Stack the buffs of the Mojo, if you want to be awesome you need a total of 20 stacks.

Source: Buffed

If you manage to defeat the elite opponents, you will receive Dino Mojo, which you can use to give other players and yourself the following random adjustments:

  • Adaptation: sharp claws – Damage increased by 3%.
  • Adaptation: lightning fast – Movement speed increased by 3%.
  • Adaptation: massive – Size increased by 4%.
  • Adaptation: bone armor – Damage is reduced by a few percent.

Great: These effects work until the end of the event and can stack up to five times, but they are deactivated in PvP and in instances. If you have reached the total of 20 stacks, you get the Buff Awesome: Your awesomness is increased by 10%.

The bottom line is that this event is less about success and loot and more about enjoying the joy. You can find more on this topic on our topic page World of Warcraft.

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